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Premium Products Plastic Thin Pedals

Average User Rating: (Good)
Premium Products Plastic Thin  Pedals Plastic_pedal_group_shot

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    “Great for flatlanders! Not so great for street!”

    The Good: As a flatlander, I love these thin pedals. They give a good feeling on pedal tricks. The grip is just enough. Pins dont hurt your knees too much...

    The Bad: I wouldnt ride them as street rider. Thin pedals will always crack at some point. So better go with magnesium or aluminium bodies for street. Or a thicker plastic pedal.

    Overall Review:

    You just have to know where to use them. They're perfect for flatlanders, but too thin for hard street riding and big drops.

    I wouldnt trust them there....

    But for me they're perfect. And finally a BMX pedal with no annoying wrench clamping systems

    “Premium Pedals”

    The Good: Smooth, light, sometimes grippy, easy and cheap to replace bodies.

    The Bad: The pins break a lot.

    Overall Review: I trust these pedals so much, I'll probably try to ride/buy them for ever.

    “You could buy way better pedals for the money”

    The Good: The look is super clean and seem like good slim pedals

    The Bad: They break and fall apart and they cost too much

    Overall Review: Dont buy these for what they cost you could buy a couple other pedals that will last a lot longer.

    “These pedals suck !”

    The Good: They have a nice look and they seem strong but really they suck .

    The Bad: The body of the pedals break alot and the end caps unscrew easily don't waste your money on these pedals .

    Overall Review: Worst Pedals ! get the metal ones .

    “Alright Pedals”

    The Good: Light,Can replace with metal pins

    The Bad: price ,pins fall off easy,when tighting the body when they get loose can easily be stripped!

    Overall Review: Good,Park pedals! Light, Not cheap, pins fall off easy af! there alright pedals! invest in the metal ones and they will last forever!!!

    “Okay pedals”

    The Good: Replaceable bodies The replacement bodies are not a lot of money to replace Only seal-able plastic pedals

    The Bad: 30 dollars for the seal able pedals Spindle bends semi easily cracked bolth pedals at once. (clear) and then one black boddie

    Overall Review: I got these for free so im not complaining but i really dont like these after riding other pedals.


    The Good: nothinggggg

    The Bad: they wouldnt stay together when i changed the pedal bodies and just fell apart

    Overall Review: they looked and sounded cool just broke apart on me


    Body Material Plastic
    Colors Black, Red, Clear, Translucent Black & Translucent Gold
    Spindle Low-profile precision CNC machined chromoly spindles

    0 lb 11.2 oz (318 g)

    Miscellaneous Ultra thin with mico knurling, this pedal gives you a the feeling of a $100 pedal for a fraction of the cost. It stands out as the only plastic pedal on the market with a high end spindle. Pedal bodies are cheap to replace, so once you have one pair you can keep the spindle and just replace the bodies.
    Price $26.99
    More Info Premium Products website