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Premium Products Thin Pedals

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Premium Products Thin Pedals slimstack
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    “Not bad, but nothing special”

    The Good: super grippy, look good, slim, light weight, feel solid

    The Bad: spindle bends kinda easy, come loose all the time, the bushing squeaks like a mother fucker, the bodies wear down fast

    Overall Review:

    I've had these pedals for about 6 months now and they have held up well. The spindle bent once on a gap that really wasn't that big, luckily I had a set of plastic slims I took a spindle from. They are really grippy and feel good when you ride. Just from falling a hand full of times the bodies are chipped and ground down a lot more than I believe they should be. And the bushings squeak like mad, I've attempted to grease them to shut them up but it just keeps getting worse.

    All in all I do like the pedals, but I suggest if you are going to spend $100 on pedals, that you invest your money into a better set than these.

    “Premium Slim Metal”

    The Good: They grip alot, they are super slim, sealed bearings and have a very light weight and since they have sealed bearings theyre not a mess to maintain. interchangable bodies for a PC pedal option too.

    The Bad: the stupid nut that keeps the bearings and the pedal body to the spinde strips sooo easily. if this strips your 100$ pedals are useless due to a 20 cent nut. im fucking pissed cause this nut cannot be found in a hardware store and is special made by Premium for their pedals. ohh and they wobble alot and get loose pretty easily so you NEED loctite and lots of grease

    Overall Review: these are awesome pedals i loved mine but after i realize the shit i had to put up with they suck. if the nut was found in a hardware store i would change my mind about these cause im not paying 30$ for a new set of PC slims to use the 100$ metal slims cause that 20 cent nut is a piece of shit.

    “Awesome! for a while :(”

    The Good: -My favorite plastic pedals. -Amazing grip -Feel great -Look sweet -Bearing system is smooth

    The Bad: -Fragile pedal, i blew up my first pair of slims in a week. -Weak spindle, My spindle is so bent its un-rideable. All this happened within a month. I only weigh around 140ish

    Overall Review: If you don't weigh much and don't land really hard on your pedals much they're amazing. I happen to enjoy tailwhips and land really hard on my pedals so, i guess they aren't for me. If premium would warranty my spindle, i would still ride them.

    “Perfect Pedals”

    The Good: Great grip Look amazing they're metal! strong bushing system instead of bearings

    The Bad: A bit expensive but eventualy you end up saving money over buying new PC's every few months i guess they're no good for pedal slides if your into that sort of thing, though i supose you could take all the pins out of one side if you could bear to mar their beautiful finish like that.

    Overall Review: i've been running these for about 6 months now and i am totaly satisfied. I am very picky about what pedals i ride. i went through four other sets of pedals before i finaly decided to just cough up the money for a set of these. I've been running these with no complaints ever since. The simple bushing system is super strong. They spin just as well today as they did right out of the box, and with great traction. I did loose one of the outside midle grubscrew type pins, probably from trying pedal stalls on a wooden sub box(which didnt work too well since the pins stick in the wood and dont let you slide off without taking some of the box with you), but you cant tell as far as traction goes, and the thresds seem to be in good enough shape that i could replace it if i wanted.

    “worth the money”

    The Good: + extremly nice look + Wide body + excellent grip + very light for metal pedals + install via allen key bolts through the crank arm + best support to the foot ( size 9 )

    The Bad: - $$$ ( but worth it ) - They eat my shoes

    Overall Review: I'll never buy other pedals.


    Body Material 6061 T-6 aluminum construction
    Colors White, red, purple, white, chrome & black
    Spindle Low-profile precision CNC machined chromoly spindles, it spins on micro sealed bearing/DU bushing assembly

    0 lb 15.8 oz (448 g)

    Miscellaneous Thin and light, this pedal gets the job done and looks steezy the whole time. Also available in a plastic version.
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