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S&M 101 Pedals Pedals

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S&M 101 Pedals Pedals 101 Pedals

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    “S&M One-O-One”

    The Good: Not too heavy for an unsealed metal pedal. theyre smaller than most pedals and have some alright grip

    The Bad: Unsealed arent knurled so they slipped a couple of times

    Overall Review: prolly dont even sell these anymore but theyre super easy pedals to maintain. replacement pins are a breeze to use.


    i got these on my fit complete. about 4 years ago. They never came loose, but they are heavy. i still have these pedals and could ride them if i needed to. It works on a stock bike, but i definitely wouldn't go out buying these things.


    Small pedals make it harder to balance and really difficult to do big tricks. This was one of the few bad ideas from S&M. They don't make many mistakes, but the 101s are just a bad memory of everybody's feet slipping off pedals everyday right in the middle of tricks where you need traction the most.


    I have run these pedals for about 2 or 3 years, or from whenever they first came out. I could have bought waaaay more expensive pedals but I thought, "Why not try a cheap pedal as a bit of an experiment?". They are exactly what they appear to be , a cheap pedal. I have the loose ball cheap ones. I still run them and they are still fine. I think they are totally worth what you pay for them. I dont think that they are for everyone. Hard riders would probably do better to pay more, but if your on a budget and arent doing 10ft drops to flat all the time they are a reasonable option


    Body Material

    This is a smaller than average pedal. The One-O-One name refers to it's overall size. Most pedals are 110mm. A smaller pedal is lighter and doesn't get in the way as much. The pins are replaceable and each set of pedals comes with an extra set. We only put 4 threaded pins per side to cut down on weight. The additional pins are molded which are way lighter. Our pins are also tapered at the ends with no threads so you can still remove them after they get beat up. The recessed end-cap keeps the pedal serviceable even after the end of the pedal gets damaged.


    •  Sealed bearing option available
    •  Replacement pins included
    •  Heat treated & oxide-coated cromo spindles
    •  Embossed shield on recessed end cap of loose ball model
    •  White or Black
    •  Raised diamond texture on sealed pedals


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