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SNAFU Magnesium Pedals Pedals (discontinued)

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SNAFU Magnesium Pedals Pedals Magnesium Pedals

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    best pedals ever, been riding these hard forever now on pedal grinds and still no pins have knocked out!!! if you knock out pins from your pedals heres your solution...


    perfect i love the ones i had they worked clean and smooth and i had them on my downhill bike which got the crap beet out of it and well i ucked off a 12 foot drop and smashed umm good but they lasted for agood year which is impressive to me for pedals


    These pedals suck. . . The spikes are way too long and they strpped out on me and got stuck in my crank arm. Bearings also broke causing the pedal to wobble, A Lot. Lasted me 2 months, I dont recomend them.


    my favorite part on my bike. i worked at a bike shop that carried a lot of Snafu so i got some Magnesium sealed pedals, put emm on and I've been a Snafu enthusiast from then on. I really like the shape, it's nice and wide and the bearings spin smoothly. They are so grippy that they can tear up the soles of your shoes, not necessarily a good thing, so i took out the pins (dont worry, the pedal body comes with some bumps) and i was good to go. colors would be good but magnesium pedals hardly ever come in colors. overall, they're a perfect pedal


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