Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic Pedals

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic  Pedals 109-06417_TSC_RavagerPlasticPedal_PermaBlue
C70_109_06417_tsc_ravagerplasticpedal_permablue C70_106_06417_tsc_ravagerplasticpedals_gray C70_145_06417_tsc_ravagerplasticpedals_orange C70_132_06417_tsc_ravagerplasticpedals_lime C70_22044447 C70_22044545 C70_22044449 C70_22044550 C70_22044554

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    “Real good pedals”

    The Good: Grip Aesthetics Price Weight

    The Bad: Nothing at the moment

    Overall Review:

    Replaced my Odyssey Twisted's with these, not really knowing what to expect. So far they have been real grippy riding park and street, although they are still to prove themselves at the trails. Overall, great pedals that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

    “These pedals are great!”

    The Good: Really light and good when dry

    The Bad: If it's raining or water comes in any contact with the pedal your feet slip

    Overall Review:

    Even though these pedals have the tendency to slip, I can definitely see myself picking up another pair when I need to! Perfect when not wet! I live in Arizona so rain rarely comes anyway


    The Good: they seem to be pretty good they could use a couple more pins but yeah

    The Bad: the pedal for my right side doesnt spin much its really tight n my left one spins really well so i dont know if its a random fault or most of em are like it u dunno

    Overall Review:

    they pretty nice just the little things arnt that great

    “Shadow pedals”

    The Good: Nice and grippy

    The Bad: Not much, their large idk if that's bad or good to you but I like it

    Overall Review:

    I'll defiantly buy them again, might get the metal one next time though just to try me out

    “I've seen better but they aren't bad”

    The Good: plastic, not really a shin destroyer,

    The Bad: not that many pins on every side, slips from time to time

    Overall Review:

    I like these pedals, they aren't the grippiest ones but grippy enough to hold you on the bike. Can't really go wrong with plastic pedals. They are relatively strong, didn't snap on me yet after a season. The bearings aren't the smoothest but they are strong. I like it



    The Bad: i was riding one day and i had tightend them... not too much... and the peddle just became soooo wobbly and loose and it just fell right of the spindle. i had to ride home on a spindle

    Overall Review:

    ehhh i loved theemmm! had them for a year... sudenly broke on me

    “ok... I guess”

    The Good: Really grippy for a while...

    The Bad: ... Then they lose all grip. I cracked mine first week.

    Overall Review:

    If you need cheap pedals, i mean need need, get them but dont run em long term.

    “These are okay pedals”

    The Good: They grip nice, Bunch of colors they seem like they are hard to break,

    The Bad: The bearings in my right pedal came loose, i dont know if they came like that when i got them, or if it was from riding that day, but i never have had this happen before.

    Overall Review: I have rode many diffrent pedals fly, shadow (nostras) eclat, odyssey, and premiums, overall, these are my favorite for grip wise, how ever i have had the problem with the bearings in my right pedal. Overall these are good pedals, for grip wise they also slide good. But the bearings being how they were, kinda upset me


    Body Material Injection molded composite with molded pins
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Orange, Gray, Electric Lime, Perma Blue
    Spindle 4140 heat treated

    0 lb 13.6 oz (386 g)

    Price N/A
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