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Stolen Thermalite Pedals

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Thermalite Pedals Group
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    “Good pedals”

    The Good: They're lite, have many colors, pretty cheap for PC pedals, don't hurt as bad as medal pedals when they hit you in the shin

    The Bad: The pins wear down pretty fast

    Overall Review:

    I've only ridden them 3 times and the pins are wearing down already, but i love everything else about em. great pedals.

    if your trying to lighten up your bike but don't have much money, these are the pedals to get.

    “Stolen Thermailte Pedals”

    The Good: The price, grip, last forever

    The Bad: get dirty really easy

    Overall Review:

    these are some of the greatest pedals i've had, they have lasted almost a year, and they still have tread to them. Get these pedals.

    “Personally , i didnt like them”

    The Good: they were grippy for short, alan wrench hole in the spidle

    The Bad: they wore down really fast, they got really dirty

    Overall Review:

    i didnt like them, they came on my 2011 stolen wrap , it hated these, i thot they were horrible, i rode them for like half a year and whiched otto odyessey twisted pcs.

    “I'd use them again”

    The Good: Pretty grippy, it's a pedal. No worries. Bearings don't come loose ever like my Primo pedals did, plus the pedal doesn't wear too easily on grinds

    The Bad: They aren't the most durable, like Odyssey pedals. and what i mean by durable is by not cracking or breaking.

    Overall Review: They aren't bad. Get them if you are thinking of getting them.

    “overall ok pedals”

    The Good: they grip ok for about 2 months, durable, good weight , pretty good size

    The Bad: wear down super quick, slip when a little bit wet , cool color

    Overall Review: nice pedals worth the money really cool color but wear down really fast just get colonys

    “awsome pedads”

    The Good: the plateform is good so u dont miss pedals. good grip pritty strong materal it is made out of.

    The Bad: nothing so far

    Overall Review: good plateform good price bearings are smooth as dont spin too fast


    Body Material Thermalite (nylon based)
    Colors Black, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, & White
    Spindle Chromoly Steel with 6mm broach and 15mm wrench flat

    0 lb 13 oz (369 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website