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Stolen Thermalite SP Pedals

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Stolen Thermalite SP Pedals 2011STLN-THERMALITESPPEDALred
C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalred C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalblack C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalorange C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalblue C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalgreen C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalwhite C70_2011stln_thermalitesppedalpurp

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    “Thermalite SP review”

    The Good: Grippy Light

    The Bad: Too grippy Pins are really sharp threads go the whole length as they are just small grub screws. Screwed pins down as far as they would go & they were still too long IMO.

    Overall Review:

    I used these pedals once at an indoor park they are so grippy if you get your foot in the wrong position you can't adjust your foot position. You can feel the pins in the souls of your shoes (feet).

    Wasted a session at the park as I had absolutely no confidence with these pedals. Changed back to plastic Salt pedals that came with bike, heaps better!

    Only good thing for me was that I got the pedals for $5 so no great loss.

    “Super Fucking Grippy”

    The Good: Super Fucking Grippy and lots of colors.

    The Bad: Hard to bail with.

    Overall Review:

    Honestly if you're just looking to flow with some tricks you have dialed, try these for sure. If you're bailing and shit, don't try em.

    “They feel awesome”

    The Good: your shoes lock the fuck in.

    The Bad: pins come out really easy, plastic, wore easy, sucked for grinding.

    Overall Review:

    I never really owned these but i borrowed them once for like 2 days. i seshed out when i had em' so i just gave my opinino form what i had them. i dont think i'd ever buy a set, but the pedal itself never really looses grip. haha


    The Good: grippy really grippy

    The Bad: too gripy and the pins are like knives to hit you in the shin or if your shin just scrapes them

    Overall Review: dont buy them they suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    The Good: they are lightweight excellent traction!!!!!! wide platform recessed end cap very very very durable...in most ways comes in a lot of colors

    The Bad: pins will snap off eventually but even with most of mine off...still has amazing traction..but can be replaced i havent found pins to replace them...but they are replaceable..i havent found out what kind of pin exactly but my dad knows what kind they are and said that they can be picked up at a a hardware store very very cheap

    Overall Review: get them..i promise you wont be disappointed just remember-..i havent found out what kind of pin exactly but my dad knows what kind they are and said that they can be picked up at a a hardware store very very cheap also just take a threaded rod..cut it..and hammer them into the slot might work just as fine

    “Stolen thermalite sp”

    The Good: grippy, strong

    The Bad: cuts your legs, the price

    Overall Review: Get them if you really want them, but i would suggest plastic pins over medal pins. And if you want medal pins, then odyssey jc pc pedals are the way to go.


    Body Material Thermalite (nylon based) w/ Steel pins
    Colors Black, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, & White
    Spindle Chromoly Steel with 6mm broach and 15mm wrench flat

    0 lb 14.5 oz (411 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website