Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alloy Pedals

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Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alloy Pedals 109-06415_TSC_RavagerAlloyPedalsUnsealed_PermaBlue
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    “Shadow Alloy Pedals”

    The Good:

    They are real grippy and a good solid pedal

    The Bad:

    after a week or so they started to come loose and even once tightened still became very loose very quickly, also the whole idea of being able to change the pins is completely pointless when once they have ground down a bit or have a bit of damage it is hard to then get the allen key in to change them.

    Overall Review:

    All round not a bad pedal but I think if i were going to get a pedal with metal pins or metal body i would probably go for the odyssey jcpc (Y)

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    Vital BMX member ben.heward
    101683 ben.heward,101683/all 12/27/12 1,101683/setup 1 3 1 1

    “Friend has these Pedals”

    The Good:

    Light, colorful, and not to often slipped upon. Very grippy also

    The Bad:

    Nothing is bad with these

    Overall Review:

    Well worth the money. Go on dans and buy these pedals now!

    “Ravager Pedals”

    The Good:

    They grip really well and you wont slip off the pedals very often.

    The Bad:

    It will cut up your shins up if you slip pedal. They were doing good and about 3 or 4 months after i got them i incaved one side of the pedal and it snapped off. They just dont last long.

    Overall Review:

    ok for short term use.

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    Vital BMX member massiebmx1442
    95577 massiebmx1442,95577/all 06/26/12 1

    “Best Pedals I've Rode.”

    The Good:

    Stick marvelously!

    The Bad:

    Basically nothing.

    Overall Review:


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    Vital BMX member Mattix
    79642 Mattix,79642/all 05/20/11 6 127 3113 44 1 15


    Product Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alloy Pedals
    Body Material Low profile 6061 alloy body with micro knurling
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Highlighter yellow, Raw Polish, Perma Blue
    Spindle 4140 heat treated

    1 lb 4.2 oz (573 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website