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Animal OG Pegs Pegs

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Animal OG Pegs Pegs OG Pegs

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    “i work at a bike shop... i know”

    The Good: hardcore ledge/street peg

    The Bad: no ant spin pin.... BUT this allows u to rotate it and get more use out of it

    Overall Review: the price tag is way off on this... danscomp sells them for 18 and my shop sells them for 16 sooooo idk wtf this $35 shit is


    long, light and strong. everything you want in a good peg, really advise buying these pegs. it takes years to wear them out and they slide like a dream. this is kinda expected though from a company that pretty much is the street scene in americia.


    Outer Diameter
    Miscellaneous Suggested retail: $35
    Colors: Black oxide
    Design: 1-piece design, 4.5" x 1.5"
    Materials: 4140 chromoly
    Axle size: 14mm
    Weight: 16 oz.

    Price N/A
    More Info Animal website