Colony Alloy Oneway Pegs

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Colony Alloy Oneway Pegs oneway-pegs-alloy-black
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    Colony Oneway Pegs Alloy

    The Good:

    Really strong, light weight, look slick, the anti spin thing is great

    The Bad:

    nothing, I'm thinking about riding with 4

    Overall Review:

    Amazing pegs, defiently worth buyingOFWGKTA

    Overall Review:

    Amazing pegs, defiently worth buying OFWGKTA

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    Vital BMX member AusBMX
    86003 AusBMX,86003/all 10/15/11 6,86003/setup 8 18 23 3

    i run 4 of these.

    The Good:

    light and surprisingly strong.

    The Bad:

    nothing; scared to break them.

    Overall Review:

    i ride 4 of 'em, and i do grinds and street stuff. you'll be fine.

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    Vital BMX member marianoleonczik
    75336 marianoleonczik,75336/all 02/08/11 1,75336/setup 90 524 31 10 15


    Product Colony Alloy Oneway Pegs
    Type Aluminum
    Purpose Designed for Park and Light street use only.
    Length 4"
    Diameter 37mm
    Bore for Axle
        Adapters included?
    Colors Purple, Black, Red, Blue & Polished
    Weight 0 lb 3.8 oz (107 g)
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Colony website