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    “beautiful peg”

    The Good: medium weight extremely strong comes in 3/8 size so dont have to use an adapterr

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    awesome peg

    extremely strong..i slam on my pegs very hard and mine is holding up amazingly. it is just as amazing as the shadow little ones. i love that it comes in both 14mm and 3/8

    “Best pegs is the cult ones!”

    The Good: These pegs are really good because of their thickness, and not so thick area on the axle. They slide very well!

    The Bad: The cult logo rusts, but nothing big thou. And they don't have any grooves on the side that goes on the dropout.

    Overall Review: If you are getting pegs I'd recomend these! Because they don't have a single downside! I have ridden them for a few weeks and never had a problem!

    “Cult DOOMSDAY!!”

    The Good: It slides amazing. Good long lasting peg. Pretty good thickness and length. Doesnt dent easily either

    The Bad: Nothing really. Could have anti-spin pins for those LHD riders.

    Overall Review: I use this as a front peg. LOVE it. Slides well on everything ive grinded and has taken many many rough smith grinds with hardly any flat spots.I slam this thing hard too nothing has happened. Theyre pretty damn cheap so get a pair.

    “Slide Good”

    The Good: Slide pretty good, even new out of the box. they can slide on even rougher stuff.

    The Bad: A tad bit heavy than other bikes, but weight shouldn't really matter.

    Overall Review: Pegs are pegs, you can find other pegs that are better but these are pretty nice and cheap. Plus they are street specific considering the thickness and stuff.

    “its just a peg”

    The Good: they slide well, paint comes off easy so you can slide a little faster, last a decent amount of time

    The Bad: if you ride a lot of ledges, they will wear down pretty fast

    Overall Review: its just a peg so its gonna feel the same as just about any other peg on the market


    Outer Diameter

    0 lb 5.9 oz (167 g)

    Miscellaneous heat treated chromoly peg internally machined to reduce weight. sold individually. 35mm diameter/100mm long 3/8″ (10mm) or 14mm weight:7oz
    Price $11.99
    More Info Cult website