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DK Bundy Pegs

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DK Bundy Pegs DK_Peg Bundys

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    “Good budget pegs.”

    The Good: Has adapters and isn't too heavy.

    The Bad: The metal is kinda thin so if you bail real hard or throw your bike, the ends of the pegs tend to dent in a bit and get roughed up pretty bad. I have a habit of having to hammer and file them out every few months or so.

    Overall Review:

    I picked up a pair from Walmart recently for about $12 and was pretty damn happy for the price and all. After almost half a year of grinding rough things, the bottoms started denting, especially considering I never rotate my pegs. If you rotate your pegs, you should be fine with denting, but in the long run, I'd definitely consider better budget pegs. The material of this is kinda weak.


    Length 4.25"
    Outer Diameter 1.5"
    Materials 1/8" thick steel peg
    Colors Black

    1 lb 2.9 oz (536 g)

    Miscellaneous Fits 14mm and 3/8" with supplied washers
    Price $13.99
    More Info DK website