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Demolition Dumbchuck Pegs

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Demolition Dumbchuck Pegs IMG_3016
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    “Demolition Dumbchuck Pegs”

    The Good: They are light and the plastic slides well. the clear plastic works better than solid black plastic like PLEGS or Animal Butcher sleeves. They also are more durable and dont crack easily

    The Bad: Nothing really you have to keep rotating them so its annoying

    Overall Review: they are a bit expensive i went from these to metal Tree pegs. I still think these are good for street if you wax ledges and are perfect for a late night sesh so you dont get caught by rent-a-cops.

    “nice and light!”

    The Good: super light, good looking, pretty strong i havnt cracked mine yet! they seem alot stronger then those other plastic pegs

    The Bad: nothing yet!! but if i crack them ill post another one lol

    Overall Review: there great! i hardly gring i mostly use them for hang5 and rocket manuals but i have grinded and they seem to dent fast on street but on park there fucken amazing it seems like you dont even need wax!!

    “DEMOLITION Pegs Anodized Purple”

    The Good: They really make the bike sweet looking! So Light!!!!Have a Erwin DelaRosa Dark purple/ blue the peg Purple with matching Grips the matching stem bolts and the matching seat "purple to clear/white" White Primo stem amd white pedals a show catcher!!!

    The Bad: Don't want to damage them, Just so tight!!!

    Overall Review: 5 stars for looks if I going to ride crazy I 'll ridemy Volume frist Blood!

    “Holy S*it!!!!!!”

    The Good: Mostly everything

    The Bad: They crack on bigger things, and i have a tendancy to throw my bike when i cant land something and they shatter.

    Overall Review: Overall they are good pegs for small street stuff and great for park. And good attitude riders.


    Purpose Grinding on virtually any surface
    Length 4"
    Outer Diameter 1.5"
    Materials Polymer Blend and 6061 Al.
    Colors Black/Black, Black/Cyan, Black/Red, Black/Purple

    0 lb 3.7 oz (105 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website