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Hoffman Bikes HB SPC Pegs Pegs

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Hoffman Bikes HB SPC Pegs  Pegs HB SPC Pegs

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    “really fucking light and smooth.”

    The Good: really fucking light and super cheap. rolls reall smooth.

    The Bad: weak cos aluminum

    Overall Review:

    ive only ridden them about 20 sessions, 10 of those sessions i only used them for stall and for practicing grinds at slow speeds. 5 of those sessions i rode them quite normally, all grinds at normal speeds on flat ledges only. and the other 5 i absolutly killed them. high speed grinds up and down rails, slamming the fuck outta them. and so far they look pretty dented, don't think they'll last me another year 100 hard sessions, but then again, i don't grind often. and i can barely feel the weight difference.

    “got them used”

    The Good: really abused but still working like they should got them in aluminum base less then one fuckin pound for one pair and still don't feel a weight difference

    The Bad: beaten up when i bought them

    Overall Review: great pegs love them even though they are beaten up but i am still going to get some federal chromoly pegs


    they are really light but they wear down very fast and after a few febal grinds the back one bent and had a hole near the dropouts where it was so worn down and ive only had them since xmas so they are crap.


    Outer Diameter
    Miscellaneous SPC Pegs
    The SPC (Street, Park, and Concrete) Peg was designed to tackle all riding environments.
    This peg also offers you the choice of cromo or aluminum body. The SPC Peg works with our park-friendly UHMW kit.
    • Available Cromo or Aluminum Base
    • 14mm Axle hole
    • Includes 14mm to 3/8" adapter bolt
    • 4.8oz (Aluminum Pair) • 15.2oz (Cromo Pair)
    Price N/A
    More Info Hoffman Bikes website