Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs

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Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs JPEGs Light
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    “amazingly smooth”

    The Good:

    the slide like no other peg ive ridden

    The Bad:

    heavy, nothing else

    Overall Review:

    would love to own a pair. i rode them on a kids bike in wisconson and they were amazing


    Wow, I've never owned pegs that lasted this long. Is it the 4140 that makes such a big difference or just well designed??? I don't know, but these things sure aren't phased by all Night sessions on rough concrete. Never buy the "lighters" they ONLY TAKE OFF .2 OF AN OUNCE. It's a rip off to pay extra when you can grind .2 of an ounce off of these in like five grinds.


    Outer Diameter
    Miscellaneous INFO:
    4 inch heat treated 4140 axle peg, Milled out to save weight. Packaged individually. 14mm or 3/8(mix and match). Three position anti-spin bolt.

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    Featured color: black
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