Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs

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Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs JPEGs Light
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    I've only ever had odyssey pegs and Fly pegs. fly pegs wore to fast and were to sticky. If you were to run pegs, these would be the only ones I would recommend. I've never worn though a pair, but i have seen shadow pegs break chip and wear through. As well as a few other brands. Nothing but the best pegs from odyssey 10/10


    I ran these pegs before I got the j-peg lighters, these are a little heavier however they are great pegs for all around riding. If you can though get the J-peg lighters! they are real light and last forever


    Outer Diameter
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    4 inch heat treated 4140 axle peg, Milled out to save weight. Packaged individually. 14mm or 3/8(mix and match). Three position anti-spin bolt.

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    Featured color: black
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