Redline Smoothie Pegs Pegs (discontinued)

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Redline Smoothie Pegs Pegs Smoothie Pegs
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    “dont get em”

    The Good:

    strong but thats it

    The Bad:

    heavey not slick at all not worth it just set the stolen thermulites or some thing

    Overall Review:

    dont get em if some one gives em to you then whatever but dont waste your money

    “not too good”

    The Good:

    they might be good for rails

    The Bad:

    they suck weeny for concrete ledges

    Overall Review:

    all they do is catch the ledge. these pegs bent my axle they suck they are heavy too

    “redline pegs”

    The Good:

    cheap and grind pretty good but not the best

    The Bad:

    not that smooth and kinda heavy

    Overall Review:

    they are pretty good and they are good if you only grind sometimes oh and dont listen to carter hes retarted lol but hes still my best friend and he didnt hate them cuz he almost never grinds


    This product sucks.At the begining of the summer,a good friend of mine gave me this peg because i made a street bike.that was on like end of july begining of august and now its november 7 thurr and that peg is toalli grinded down.when i need to change my tire tube(redline peg is on the back) i hav to bend the tips of the peg cuz its grinded inn.This is a ok temporairy but not one that u can think thatll it last long it wont. if ur like me and u love to ride ur bike from sun up to sun down u will not get this peg. its ok as a backup for a while but not GOOD!!!


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