Sputnic Hammer Pegs

Sputnic Hammer Pegs 803-10205_SPU_HammerPeg_Black-S1
C70_803_10205_spu_hammerpeg_black_s1 C70_803_10205_spu_hammerpeg_black_s2 C70_802_10205_spu_hammerpeg_red_s1 C70_804_10205_spu_hammerpeg_blue_s1 C70_820_10205_spu_thehammerpegs_leadengreen C70_808_10205_spu_hammerpegs_yellow_iso C70_831_10205_spu_thehammerpegs_mattered C70_826_10205_spu_hammerpeg_purple_s1 C70_810_10205_spu_thehammerpegs_solidgold
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    Product Sputnic Hammer Pegs
    Type Heat treated 4140 chromoly
    Purpose Park and light street use
    Length 4"
    Diameter 34mm
    Bore for Axle
        Adapters included?
    Colors matte black, chrome red, leaden green, solid gold, matte blue, matte red, gloss purple, matte yellow, matte clover green, starry blue, pearlized white
    Weight 0 lb 6.6 oz (187 g)
    Price N/A
    Miscellaneous - Inner machined with anti-rotation pins - Fits 14mm and 3/8" axles with included adaptors
    More Info Sputnic website