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Stolen Nano Pegs

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Nano  Pegs BLUENANOPAIR
C70_bluenanopair C70_135053830_1289862913 C70_rednanopair

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“fun mini pegs”

The Good: small Makes easy grinds harder and scary

The Bad: hard to balance on, need a hubguard more then riding pegs

Overall Review: they are cool Be sure to have hub guard as every millimeter counts and you dont want to be slamming your wheel to much

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“Better than bizhouse”

The Good: Don't get in the way and haven't broke yet.

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall Review: they are easy to grind with if you know how to actually ride your bike

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Purpose all of the grinds
Length 35mm
Outer Diameter 20mm
Materials Cold Forged Chromoly
Colors ED Black, Blue, Green, or Red

0 lb 1.7 oz (48 g)

Miscellaneous 8mm allen broach or 17mm wrench flat for multiple fastening options. Great pair for typical 'pegless' style grinds and protecting the ends of the axle from damage to the threads.
Price N/A
More Info Stolen website