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Stolen Thermalite Pegs

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Thermalite Pegs 2010STLNthermpeggroup
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    “not using for grinding.”

    The Good: Super light weight, unlike metal pegs where the paint rubs off, these stay black.

    The Bad: ugly little crease in the design.

    Overall Review:

    Wanted light weight pegs for flatlanding as a novice rider. used to the shadow conspiracy little ones, but had wanted to try these just for extra weight reduction and they work great. scratching them up gives them extra grip, so it's a win win.

    not sure how long of a life they'll have but for the price and what i needed, they were great.

    “I like them alot some may not”

    The Good: Slides amazingly fast looks cool Super light solid

    The Bad: back plate wears out kinda quick and there not good for street because they will sand down on like a rough ledge.

    Overall Review:

    I like them alot because i mostly grind on the ledges/rails at my park.

    “GOOD, Light , Smooth”

    The Good: Light, Grind Super smooth, no loud metal noise when you land on the ledge of rail

    The Bad: expensive for plastics. plastic - not long lasting even though they're plastic you still have to wax a rail(super light coat)

    Overall Review: Light peg that grinds super smooth will keep buying them (as long as they don't raise the price)

    “Deecent pegs”

    The Good: slides nicely, light weight, rotatable, work well on rough ledges

    The Bad: grind down fast, when you rotate the backplate the screw wholes are not threaded so you can fck it up if your not careful, if you dont rotate the peg soon enough the metal backplate will start to grind down and get all screwy

    Overall Review: if you are looking for good pegs, but nothing amazing, these will work.I liked them while I had them.

    “Damn good pegs”

    The Good: lite, slide very well, no park damage, grind just about anything, and great price.

    The Bad: the only problem is you must have long enough axle and they wear down kind of fast if not used on park.

    Overall Review: these pegs are great. you can grind just about anything. good for keeping speed when riding lines. I definetly recommed these to any rider that likes a nice smooth grind.

    “great peg i love it”

    The Good: extra wide so you wont mess up and grind your dropouts...anti roll pin, extra thick base, slides great

    The Bad: there is a thick base, so you have to have extra long axle room

    Overall Review: you never need to carry wax, great peg, i wish there was no thick base


    Purpose all of the grinds
    Length 104mm
    Outer Diameter 40mm
    Materials Thermalite
    Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White, Red, Purple, or White


    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website