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Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs Pegs

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs Pegs 139-06303_LittleOnesPegs_CRed-Single
C70_139_06303_littleonespegs_cred_single C70_103_06303_tsc_littleonespegs_black_single C70_109_06305_tsc_littleonespegs_permablue C70_105_06303_tsc_littleonespegs_white_single C70_126_06305_tsc_littleonespegs_purple_single

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    “Buy the dam peg”

    The Good: Thick not to thick, anti roller, metal but not too heavy

    The Bad: Nope nope nopeeeee

    Overall Review:

    Best peg in the market if u want a 4 inch peg buy this it's gonna last, it has anti rollers so it doesn't roller while ur grinding. If u don't want that take the screw a let it roll, it's thick so don't worry.. Go buy this peg please

    “Shadow Little ones”

    The Good: Strong, made well, chromoly, slide well

    The Bad: don't make sleeves for these pegs

    Overall Review:

    They're great pegs, got them from a friend and theyre really good, theyre really durable, unlike the primo pegs which are made from aluminum, if you wanna start grinding , get these pegs, you wont regret it

    “Purely Rad!”

    The Good: Slide really well! Pretty light. Perfect size. Extremely durable!!!

    The Bad: Wish they made sleeves!!

    Overall Review:

    If you are looking for a good peg that is durable and can stand up to carnage then pick this up! This peg can go through war and survive!

    “Pegs are pegs”

    The Good: Small, light, same basic size as any companies pegs of similar nature.

    The Bad: not much yet.

    Overall Review:

    I ride'm for flatland as i'll ride whatever. in the rain they're a bit slippery, but 99% of riders won't ride in the rain so it shouldn't be a problem for most people.

    they're inexpensive, light, very nice looking. about all you can ask for a from a peg/

    “Shadow pegs”

    The Good: Light strong they slide well+ not too expensive

    The Bad: Idk their awesome not much more to say

    Overall Review:

    I like them a lot they slide well look good, and have anti roll pins... Buy them

    Overall Review:

    I like them a lot they slide well look good, and have anti roll pins... Buy them

    “Talk about an awesome peg”

    The Good: These pegs will slide ANYTHING, and i mean it. I slide on aluminum bleachers and crazy concrete ledges and they slide w/o wax, no problem. i dont have the slicker sleeves, but plan on getting them with my next pair of pegs (doubt that will be anytime soon, haha). i love them, might try other pegs, but i dont plan on it. these are amazing, not too long where they get in the way, or add weight or anything, yet long enough to get your feet comfortable for hang 5's and other flatland tricks. they are dope and they look pretty cool w/ all the color options and the slimmer end where the axle goes in.

    The Bad: I would say the only thing that could possibly make me like these more is if they came with a sleeve when you buy them. that would just seal the deal for me. i like these pegs the most any way.

    Overall Review:

    Fast, smooth, good looking, affordable, light... the list goes on. i have no choice but to recommend these things, they are great \m/

    “strong light peggs”

    The Good: Everything 8 anti roll positions,really light, really strong, slicker sleeves!

    The Bad: Nothing, these peggs are badass

    Overall Review:

    best peggs ive ever used. they last, i grind ledges and trust me they last. love that the anti-rotation pen has 8 positions (extending life & reducing weight). the diameter is smaller than usual making it light and small enough for the plastic sleeves (slicker sleeve) that were made to fit them. they grind on anything.very nice, strong and light. my favorite pegg hands down

    “Amazing peg.”

    The Good: lightweight strong multiple colors comes with 3/8 adapter comes with anti roll pin accepts most size sockets adaptable with slicker sleeve

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    very nice peg. i ride one on the front and i love it.

    VERY strong..i slam down on my pegs too so they are amazing

    i will soon be getting some for the back as well

    “buy these pegs”

    The Good: they slide forever, they last forever, anti-rotation pin,you can get plastic sleevs for them, they are very light, many different colors, pretty cheap

    The Bad: not a single thing

    Overall Review: there is no reasion to not buy these pegs. if you dont grind, buy them and start grinding, if you do grind, buy them and you will see the difference. they also slide really well on concreate and rails and just about anything


    Purpose Park and Street use
    Length 4"
    Outer Diameter 34mm
    Materials Heat treated 4140 chromoly
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Perma Blue


    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website