Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Sleeve Peg Covers

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Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Sleeve  Peg Covers 105-06306_TSC_SlickerSleeve_White-Single
C70_105_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_white_single C70_126_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_purple C70_109_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_permablue C70_102_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_red_single C70_103_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_black_single C70_108_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_hiyellow_single C70_103_06306_tsc_slickersleeve_black
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Rock these with my pegs for life.

The Good:

Make any rail or ledge feel all buttery

The Bad:

Nithing wrong with these

Overall Review:

Amazing sleeves will rock these babies for liife.

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Vital BMX member SOLAR
97052 SOLAR,97052/all 08/06/12 9

I ride tthis deal

The Good:

slides llike a boss, comes off easy

The Bad:

i dunno. nothing so far

Overall Review:

the get the job done, im not a weight whore so I like this. When I had normal plastic pegs the ends folded in. this doesnt happen with these pegs.

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Vital BMX member oldgreg
67904 oldgreg,67904/all 09/05/10 1 4

Slicker Sleeves

The Good:

Cool colors Slide smooth

The Bad:

Wear down fast. but there plastic so what do you expect

Overall Review:

I like these alot. They hold up. all depends what your riding though. Ive grinded leges flatrails and boxes with these. The ledge was rough so it wore down a bit then i just rotated it. The box (cement grind box) grinded smooth and barley wore down. And these also grinded smooth on the rail too! i would deffinatly recomend these to someone who wants to try plastic pegs but wants to also ride metal pegs

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Vital BMX member yoyvit
79648 yoyvit,79648/all 05/20/11,79648/setup 17

Awesome Sleeve

The Good:

They slip right over your peg, slide on anything, last a while if you rotate them, and comes right off when done with it.

The Bad:

If you grind them down to the peg and don't rotate them it will snap off.

Overall Review:

I do some crazy grinds and it holds up well, great for street. Perfect if you need them for a park and are better than just plastics because they keep there shape. When you're done with a sleeve just remove it and slip another one on.

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Vital BMX member MattBmx666
80662 MattBmx666,80662/all 06/11/11 14 3,80662/setup 1 27 6 11 1


Product Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Sleeve Peg Covers
Type Injection molded composite construction
Purpose Helps you to grind the roughest spots and makes your bike more spot friendly
Bore for Axle
    Adapters included?
Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Highlighter Yellow, Perma Blue
Weight 0 lb 2.2 oz (62 g)
Price N/A
More Info Shadow Conspiracy website

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