Tree Bicycle Co. Stunt Stumps Pegs Pegs

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    “all streets”

    The Good:

    slide really good on rails and coping smooth and fast a lil rough on concrete but thts the same with most metal pegs

    The Bad:

    cant rotate much but they last forever so who cares

    Overall Review:

    park=awesome street=awesome stunt stumps=AWESOME

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    Vital BMX member highpocketz
    88093 highpocketz,88093/all 12/08/11 1 3 4,88093/setup 1 6 3


    The Good:

    strong, light, decent

    The Bad:

    can only rotate the pegs in two places

    Overall Review:

    they work...haha look at the star rating, says it all....

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    Vital BMX member Flatbill
    84121 Flatbill,84121/all 08/26/11 2 13 279 77 6 57

    “Tree Stunt Stumps!”

    The Good:

    They last long, they have anti spin pins and are butted internally so they are thinner where you dont grind making them pretty light weight pegs. I grind nasty, unwaxed, concrete ledges and they have hardly gotten worn out.

    The Bad:

    Theres only 2 places an anti spin pin can be put, so you cant really rotate them unless you take off the pin. They're also a bit expensive compared to other metal pegs with same quality.

    Overall Review:

    These are then best metal pegs I've ever had and I love them because they slide well and last. I recommend these pegs for any rider looking for some nice, lightweight, metal pegs that last. I will definitely buy another pair when mine give out!

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    Vital BMX member N.W.A.
    73045 N.W.A.,73045/all 12/17/10 8 29,73045/setup 54 636 14 60 6

    “good street pegs”

    The Good:

    they're light, and durable

    The Bad:

    you can't rotate them

    Overall Review:

    overall they're really good. i've had them for almost three years and they're just starting to wearout. if your a street rider that grinds alot of rough concrete, these will last you a good while.

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    Vital BMX member ccs4130
    70211 ccs4130,70211/all 10/18/10,70211/setup 1 5 1 5 1


    Purpose Street
    Length 4"
    Outer Diameter 1.375"
    Materials SCM 415 Steel
    Colors Black, Raw

    0 lb 5.4 oz (153 g)

    Price $17.99
    More Info Tree Bicycle Co. website

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