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Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub RUSHNEWblack

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    “Second year and great”

    The Good: Problem free and still smooth and silent is how I like my hubs. The external slack adjustment is the only way to go!

    The Bad: My slack screw would tighten itself after a few rides. So I took it out for full slack. Otherwise that's a minor issue. Works great though.

    Overall Review:

    Worth every penny. The trendy coasters aren't the best from what I'm hearing. Read reviews fellas.

    “alienation freecoaster”

    The Good: Fun, easy to maintain, reliable

    The Bad: slack pin kept coming loose and fell out

    Overall Review:

    this hub is fun to ride with and i havent really had any problems with it. the only thing is that the slack pin fell out but it doesnt matter cause after riding a feeecoaster youll want the extra slack


    The Good: it rides smoth never skips

    The Bad: its a silence hub

    Overall Review: it worcks great but i want a casset hub cuz i love the noise IM SELLING MINE alienation LHD freecoaster hub (color -white) PLZ TEXT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION:D 1 (708) 441-3074

    “nice coaster”

    The Good: cant think anything bad about it

    The Bad: cant think anything bad about it

    Overall Review: why is everybody saying that a khe reverse is a bad hub. i ride the khe astern reverse for abbout a year (hard) now and i didnt snap or break anything so far. jumping off smal staircase,dirt,street,park i just do everything. the khe reverse is more relayebal then my (3) cassette hubs that i had. i have always trouble with cassette hubs. i like my freecoaster so much that i have putted it on my new eastern nichtprowler

    “Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster”

    The Good: great hub , as long as you know the balance between the slack being too loose or too tight,, the wheel as a whole(the one ive been riding) has been to 4 different people , for a total of a year and a half and the hub is still going strong,

    The Bad: nothing to me personally, people will whine about the weight, and paint, but not a performance problem ever and i couldnt care less about the weight/paint

    Overall Review: pretty tough, been around for a while im still riding it with pegs(driver leftside/pegs right) , and its badass , get one and have fun

    “7 months!!!”

    The Good: freecoasters are fun

    The Bad: only lasted 7 months and had alot of maintenance!

    Overall Review: i had alot of fun with it but for a hub that costs 150 whoppers its not worth it for 7 months

    “great free coaster”

    The Good: hasnt broke yet

    The Bad: nothing yet

    Overall Review: requires maintenance alll these people bitching bout the berrings most likely dont keep up on maintenance. if u take it apart monthly and cleen out dirt grease and put more thick grease in i prefer phil wood u will have no problems

    “same as khe astern”

    The Good: nice and smooth. external slack.

    The Bad: slips a little sometimes. once your bearings get close do blown they will start popping.

    Overall Review: same as the khe astern just different shells.

    “Great hub!”

    The Good: Rolls fast, solid engagement, strong bearings, adjustable slack. Great, reliable free coaster.

    The Bad: Cone nut's are a little weak if you run pegs.

    Overall Review: If you do a lot of grinding I would suggest picking up a set of odyssey hazard cone nuts. Best $7 you'll ever spend. Other that the hub is excellent. I've been riding the federal version (same hub, different shell) hard for around 4 months now with no problems. More reliable than my cassette hub.


    Shell Construction 6061 T6
    Axle 14mm 4130 CR-MO Hollow
    Bearing Quality/Type ACB Quad Sealed Bearing
    Driver 9T, 1/2 x 3/32 LSD, RSD (optional 11T)
    Drive Side
    Hole Count
    Colors Black

    1 lb 7.3 oz (660 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website