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Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster Hub Rear Hub RUSHNEWblack

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“alienation freecoaster”

The Good: Fun, easy to maintain, reliable

The Bad: slack pin kept coming loose and fell out

Overall Review:

this hub is fun to ride with and i havent really had any problems with it. the only thing is that the slack pin fell out but it doesnt matter cause after riding a feeecoaster youll want the extra slack

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The Good: it rides smoth never skips

The Bad: its a silence hub

Overall Review: it worcks great but i want a casset hub cuz i love the noise IM SELLING MINE alienation LHD freecoaster hub (color -white) PLZ TEXT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION:D 1 (708) 441-3074

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“nice coaster”

The Good: cant think anything bad about it

The Bad: cant think anything bad about it

Overall Review: why is everybody saying that a khe reverse is a bad hub. i ride the khe astern reverse for abbout a year (hard) now and i didnt snap or break anything so far. jumping off smal staircase,dirt,street,park i just do everything. the khe reverse is more relayebal then my (3) cassette hubs that i had. i have always trouble with cassette hubs.

i like my freecoaster so much that i have putted it on my new eastern nichtprowler

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“Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster”

The Good: great hub , as long as you know the balance between the slack being too loose or too tight,, the wheel as a whole(the one ive been riding) has been to 4 different people , for a total of a year and a half and the hub is still going strong,

The Bad: nothing to me personally, people will whine about the weight, and paint, but not a performance problem ever and i couldnt care less about the weight/paint

Overall Review: pretty tough, been around for a while im still riding it with pegs(driver leftside/pegs right) , and its badass , get one and have fun

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“7 months!!!”

The Good: freecoasters are fun

The Bad: only lasted 7 months and had alot of maintenance!

Overall Review: i had alot of fun with it but for a hub that costs 150 whoppers its not worth it for 7 months

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“great free coaster”

The Good: hasnt broke yet

The Bad: nothing yet

Overall Review: requires maintenance alll these people bitching bout the berrings most likely dont keep up on maintenance. if u take it apart monthly and cleen out dirt grease and put more thick grease in i prefer phil wood u will have no problems

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“same as khe astern”

The Good: nice and smooth. external slack.

The Bad: slips a little sometimes. once your bearings get close do blown they will start popping.

Overall Review: same as the khe astern just different shells.

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“Great hub!”

The Good: Rolls fast, solid engagement, strong bearings, adjustable slack. Great, reliable free coaster.

The Bad: Cone nut's are a little weak if you run pegs.

Overall Review: If you do a lot of grinding I would suggest picking up a set of odyssey hazard cone nuts. Best $7 you'll ever spend. Other that the hub is excellent. I've been riding the federal version (same hub, different shell) hard for around 4 months now with no problems. More reliable than my cassette hub.

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“It was fun while it lasted...”

The Good: externaly adjustable slack.

The Bad: The bearings that come with it are kinda bad. it starts to slowly break after 3 months of rideing.

Overall Review: i had this hub for about 4 months and the bolts that tighten the hub wont tighten. and the bearings started to fuck up on me. freecoasters are very fun its just that some last more then others. i cant afford to keep replaceing it so im just going back to cassete.

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Shell Construction 6061 T6
Axle 14mm 4130 CR-MO Hollow
Bearing Quality/Type ACB Quad Sealed Bearing
Driver 9T, 1/2 x 3/32 LSD, RSD (optional 11T)
Drive Side
Hole Count
Colors Black

1 lb 7.3 oz (660 g)

Price N/A
More Info Alienation website