Colony Clone Cassette Rear Hub

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Colony Clone Cassette Rear Hub rear-hub-male-group
C70_rear_hub_male_group C70_rear_hub_female_group C70_hub_rear_male_purple2_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_purple3_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_red_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_red2_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_red3_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_blue2_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_blue3_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_purple_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_purple2_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_purple3_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_red_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_red2_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_red3_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_black_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_black2_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_black3_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_blue_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_blue2_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_blue3_wbg C70_hub_clone_male_poished C70_hub_rear_male_polished_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_polished2_wbg C70_hub_rear_male_purple_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_black_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_black_wbg2 C70_hub_rear_bolt_black3_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_blue_wbg C70_hub_clone_female_polished C70_hub_rear_bolt_polished3_wbg C70_hub_rear_bolt_polished_wbg
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    “really nice hub!!!”

    The Good:

    looks great, nice and loud, strong, smooth

    The Bad:

    nothing bad to say

    Overall Review:

    Used it hard for 2 years no problems at all.

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    Vital BMX member davinadze
    117796 davinadze /images/default/avatar/c50.png,117796/all 04/22/15 2


    The Good:

    inlove with these hubs had it for 2-3 years hasnt failed on me yet! love the noise aswell!

    The Bad:

    nothing besides the rear hub guards lock bolt!

    Overall Review:

    highly suggest these hubs aswell as the front. awesome for pegs and pegless for sure. Dislike how people will just say its not as good as another hub because they are all different so i dorecommendthis!

    Overall Review:

    highly suggest these hubs aswell as the front. awesome for pegs and pegless for sure. Dislike how people will just say its not as good as another hub because they are all different so i dorecommend this!

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    Vital BMX member Zammit13.HBC
    100190 Zammit13.HBC,100190/all 11/05/12 1,100190/setup 1 4 1

    “Don't do it unless you really hate your money. Dish it out for a Profile.”

    The Good:

    The looks are the only positive thing I can highlight.

    The Bad:

    Everything else. I bought the male axle version and one of the bearings blew out right after I put it on my bike and did a 180 on flat. The axle canal of the driver eroded and the drive-side hardware managed to grind the driver's washer down to a nub,causing the driver to severely shift back and forth. I also bought the Colony hub guard and the grub screw on the guard is designed to screw down on top of the axle's threads,meaning that if the guard shifts even a little, it will destroy the axle's threads.(which is what happened.) Eventually it got to the point where tightening my wheel onto the frame would shove the hub guard down the axle ,which stripped the guard's threads entirely,making it completely useless and I had to force-thread the non-drive side cone(which is replaced by the guard) onto the axle which had been ruined. The axle itself is a weak material and bent very easily,eventually snapping on a mishap which was nowhere near bad enough for it to make sense. The alloy axle nuts are soft and easily cross-threaded.

    Overall Review:

    Basically I can't (for the life of me) figure out why Colony thinks so highly of themselves to charge such outrageous prices for products that aren't even domestic,much less quality inspired. Bottom line- buy a Profile and call it a decade,because it will probably last that long.


    Shell Construction 6061T6 alloy hub shell.
    Axle Available with 14mm hollow CrMo axle or female bolt.
    Bearing Quality/Type Polymer bushing bearing in driver for trouble free performance.
    Driver Comes standard with 9T driver.
    Drive Side RHD and LHD versions available.
    Hole Count 36
    Colors Purple, Black, Red, Blue & Polished

    0 lb 14.6 oz (415 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website