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Colony Freecoaster Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Colony Freecoaster Rear Hub freecaoster-rainbow1
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    “Meth Coaster”

    The Good: it looks super cool, has adjustable slack, and comes in rhd and lhd.

    The Bad: after about exactly 6 months the coaster started having inconsistent slack... ex. on time it would be fine, then the next I went to pedal it would take a full pedal before it engaged.

    Overall Review: overall the hub was amazing for the first 6 months. I've had it inspected they told me everything was fine. but it obviously is not. I just recently tried putting some more grease In there. if that helps I'll come back and make a more positive review.

    “Coastin' with Colony”

    The Good: Easy slack adjustment, strong, does everything it's supposed to do.

    The Bad: No complaints after 7 months, except when I purchased it I couldn't get the colony hub guard so I grabbed a federal and it stretched my frame. Could come in silver or another color than just black and oil slick.

    Overall Review: Great. Would recommend to anyone who has had bad experiences with other coasters or people new to the reverse game such as I was.

    “Not is all as it seems!”

    The Good: Easily adjustable slack, ran fantastic while it did run.

    The Bad: I bought this hub in April of this year (2014) around 2 months into riding it, the seal around the bearing popped off. That's not a huge deal but it is a pain to go through the steps of getting it replaced. Then, today (Sept 23, 2014), while riding around I heard a loud snap from my rear hub. As I went to pedal I could feel a ton of friction and seizing from the hub. A few hours later I had the hub apart and found that two of the small spacers had become completely distorted. I figured this was the cause of the seizing and difficulty in pedaling. I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow to see what can be done.

    Overall Review:

    Overall, not a good experience. This hub lasted a mere 5 months. If anyone is wondering, yes, I had adjusted the slack on two occasions, after about a month of riding the hub. I had about 4 months of clean riding after the slack was changed so I don't believe this to be the cause. This is just one bad experience, and the hub did run really well for several months. So with that, I give it a 2.5.  Depending on what the shop says I may alter my review to a more positive light.

    “smooth coastin”

    The Good: everything i run it max slackn im loving it its so so so sexy and smooth

    The Bad: nothiinnnggggg at all

    Overall Review:

    best hub iv ever had

    “looks clean”

    The Good: looks great and tested by cooper brownlee.. there for fuck yeah

    The Bad: its about 160 grams more then my current cassette but thats shit all so nothing big

    Overall Review:

    amazing everything about it is perfect


    Shell Construction
    Axle Male Axle version available
    Bearing Quality/Type
    Driver 9t
    Drive Side RHD & LHD versions
    Hole Count 36
    Colors Black & Rainbow

    1 lb 4.3 oz (575 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website