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Demolition Rogue Rear Hub

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    “Demolition ”

    The Good: It can take a beating. I do lots of grinds like ice picks and 180s into grinds and it holds up really good. I would go buy this hub if i was you. and it is pretty cheap.

    The Bad: it comes with pretty long axle nuts which if you run pegs, you cant get alot of threads from the nut so only like half of the nut is in contact with the axle. so that will result in the axle nuts coming loose. And the nuts are pretty weak so they strip pretty easily.

    Overall Review:

    Ive been riding this hub for about 2 years and i have not had to replace anything on it yet. Ive heard about the driver bearings going bad really quick but i have not experienced this before.I would recommend this hub to anyone. If you run pegs, you will probably want to buy some different nuts but other than that, it is really awesome! best bang for your buck.

    “Ehh,its not the best for a intermediate rider ”

    The Good: Light,somewhat reliable

    The Bad: Axel Bolts,And Driver

    Overall Review:

    I Had This For About 1 year,and not even hard riding ,then i started to advance up to being better,as i progressed i started seeing signs of it going,where i am at now with it ,the driver pawls are messed up,im riding my bike and i hear a creaking noise coming from the hub,has to be the pawls .so idk its an alright hub but i would Get Something Else Other Than This If You Go Hard On Your Bike.

    “Love this hub!”

    The Good: Its light, Strong and they do some really nice colours

    The Bad: Bad???? whats that?

    Overall Review:

    Absolutley love this hub, been running it for a while now, not the loudest hub in the world but its light strong and im yet to see anything wrong with it :D

    “not a fan !!”

    The Good: cheap it's light lots of colors

    The Bad: if you are hard on your rear hub (feebles, ice picks, spins into) then this hub is doing to break my driver won't even spin anymore same with the hub, it won't even spin

    Overall Review:

    it isn't the best hub in the world, you get what you pay for

    “the best hub ever”

    The Good: stong last long had mine for over a year with know problems its light i grind alot i jump gaps over trash cans and im pretty bigg

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    you cant go wrong with this hub nigguh

    “Amazing Hub”

    The Good: Cheap, strong, light, sounds sick, looks sweet

    The Bad: Absolutely nothing so far

    Overall Review:

    I love this hub, 100x better than the one i had before. Cheap, sounds great, strong, looks nice, and light. What else can you ask for?

    “super radical hub”

    The Good: super strong, very clean,no problems, its demo

    The Bad: nothing so far

    Overall Review: i have had this for about 8 months and i love it never had a single problem with it. just take good care of it lube it up and clean it every once and awhile and should it will last you a long time for sure!


    The Good: I am running this hub 6 months solid and shes given no issues. Smooth engagement,always responds,mad light,AFFORDABLE,and sounds nice too.

    The Bad: Zero,zilch,nada,nothing!

    Overall Review: You want a hub that rides like a profile and matches to that weight as well this is the hub to get! It handles a 160lb beating everytime i 360 off a 4ft ledge


    Shell Construction 6061 Al.
    Axle 14mm, 4140 Heat Treated CRMO.
    Bearing Quality/Type 2 Sealed large bearings in shell, 3 sealed bearings in driver
    Driver 4 pawls and 2 springs for loud and clenching engagement
    Drive Side LHD and RHD
    Hole Count 36h
    Colors Purple, Green, Red, Gold, White and Black

    0 lb 14.4 oz (408 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website