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Demolition Rolls Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
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    “Rolls V2 Female Axel Review ”

    The Good: Quick engagement. Spins forever. Female axles are nice and clean looking. Polymer bushings make it pretty much bomb proof. Hub guard fits snug and looks clean. Been riding it for about 6 months.

    The Bad: I don't have a thing to complain about.

    Overall Review: It's on sale. Get it while you can!

    “Best rear cassette hub ever!”

    The Good: Bushing driver, good bearings, super quick engagement, and loud sound partially greased or fully de-greased.

    The Bad: The axle nuts and washers are made of aluminum which wears quick and may strip if you run pegs and need to really crank down on the nuts.

    Overall Review:

    The bushing driver and tough bearings ensure a bombproof hub, especially the bushing. And no matter how much the pawls and ratchet are lubed up, the hub is still loud enough or more than enough, and the engagement is super quick! One of the BEST Demolition hubs ever made. The Demolition Rolls V2 is probably even a better step-up with a nearly indestructible female 14mm!

    “Absolutely fucking awesome”

    The Good: -Loud -Rolls fast -Male axle -Good bearings -Tough

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    The best rear hub I've had, stupidly loud, really tough, and just an all round good hub, if its within your budget, get it!

    “sick f'n hub”

    The Good: its loud so when i ride street and do something sick ppl are already looking haha, strong as hell and the stock bolts that come on it weigh like nothing, i havent broken it yet so thats a plus, i can get up to speed when i need to as well.

    The Bad: didnt have a lot of colors when i got mine

    Overall Review: this hub is deffinetly worth it especially when you have the front one too makes the ride so smooth!! these hubs are the shit

    “amazing! buy it!”

    The Good: its verry loud verry light

    The Bad: its got a male axle

    Overall Review: just bought the hub today feels great to ride with its got a nice sound as well i really would recommend it to any one looking for a cheap hub i got the front and the back and there both amazing

    “hmm thinking about it”

    The Good: polymer bushings?, its demolition so its bomb proof, cheap(danscomp)

    The Bad: polymer bushings, idk,

    Overall Review: im probably getting this hub in the next few weeks... i had the rougue and i reviewed that too but now i want lhd soo im getting this, anyone here that has experience with polymer bushings comment and tell me how they hold up thanks

    “"Amazing hub'”

    The Good: Polymer Bushing 9tooth.

    The Bad: when i got it it wasn't LHD

    Overall Review: its okay. i got it cheap. i had the demolition ashley cassette and it was deffected so got this one for $20


    Shell Construction 6061 Al.
    Axle CR-MO/ Heat Treated Axle w/ allen ends for easy removal
    Bearing Quality/Type Two #6902 Large Bearings in Shell Only
    Driver 3 Pawl Design, Polymer Bushing. Available in 9t and 10t. No Bearings!
    Drive Side Available in RHD or LHD
    Hole Count 36h
    Colors Black, Polished Silver, Red, Cyan, Purple

    0 lb 15.6 oz (442 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website