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Madera V.2 Cassette Hub Rear Hub

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Madera V.2 Cassette Hub Rear Hub madera
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    “Madera V2 hub”

    The Good: Good engagement, Profile internals, light.

    The Bad: My hub flange was completely destroyed in about half a year.

    Overall Review:

    Its pretty good while it lasts but if you are a heavy grinder don't get this hub, i have the guards for it and somehow the hub flange tore apart.

    “Gnarly hub! 3/8”

    The Good: Light as all get out! Looks clean trustworthy profile internals

    The Bad: Doesnt come with 3/8-14mm adapters

    Overall Review:

    Might be the only hub I would buy because its cheap and reliable. But I dont run pegs so I personally dont have to worry about the 3/8 axles

    “awesome hub”

    The Good: the way i see it, its a profile hub with a less expensive hub shell so its great! lots of upgrades and replacement pats are available. spins forever, pretty loud

    The Bad: i havent had one bad thing about this hub so far.

    Overall Review: its a great hub for the price. i have been riding it for a month and a half and nothing wrong with it at all.

    “great hub”

    The Good: strong, easy to work with, good engagement

    The Bad: as everyone said the springs are shitty,ive broken 2 pairs in a matter of 2 months haha, so i would recommend the tape measure mod instead of buying new springs. works mint ive been riding it for a couple months now harder than ever and it holds up fine

    Overall Review: if your looking for a great hub GET IT

    “nice light hub”

    The Good: loud good engagement light and cheaper then profile

    The Bad: did break a spring

    Overall Review: good hub for the money and has lots of aftermarket upgrades to make it even better

    “Madera V2 Cassette”

    The Good: Proven Profile internals, Made in the USA, Light weight with more spoke protection than Profile Mini. The GDH axle is strong and short so theres no long excess axle sticking out. you can uprade it pretty easily. Its more affordable for those looking for Profile quality

    The Bad: The Profile springs are kinda weak so be careful not to break them. If your springs break or your pawls are worn replace them with Primo Mix pawls and springs theyre 10 dollars compared to 50 dollars from Profile.

    Overall Review: AMAZING hub. it spins forever, its loud, its light and strong if you ride street this is perfect and you will get something made in America so you know little asian kids arent assembling your hubs.

    “Bad Ass HUB!”

    The Good: Light! Loud! Cheaper then the profile one, but the same one!

    The Bad: Paws and Springs suck dick, broke all the springs in 3 weeks! hard to put the driver back on.

    Overall Review: Street and park hub, bad ass! little expensive but not as much as the profile one but the same one! comes in black, Lhd and rhd ! Get it fuckerss!


    Shell Construction
    Axle 3/8" / 14mm
    Bearing Quality/Type
    Driver CrMo one piece drivers 9t-11t or CrMo cassette driver for Profile Cogs 12-18t
    Drive Side LHD / RHD
    Hole Count 36
    Colors Black, Snow, Graffiti Wrapped

    1 lb 3 oz (539 g)

    Miscellaneous The new Madera Cassette V.2 Hub uses the same internals as the Profile Cassette hub for maximum reliability and upgrade-ability down the road. To keep the price down, it uses a simple shell and is only available in black, but it can be ordered with three piece aluminum and CrMo 3/8" or solid 14mm axles. 36 hole only. 8-18 tooth CrMo Drivers only. Left or Right Hand Drive. To clarify, because several questions have arisen, the Madera Cassette hub uses the same internals as the Profile Mini hub. However, it is only sold from the factory with the above options. If you want to get a Titanium or Hollow CrMo axle or a Ti driver for it, you must order them separately. One way we are able to keep the cost of the Madera Cassette down by only offering a few options on it, so we can pre-build the hubs and have them ready to ship when an order is received, rather than building them individually for each order, as we do with the Profile Mini Hubs. For a limited time, also available in Graffiti wrapped. Designed by Dave McDermott, and hated by Russ at SPRFLS! If he hates it, you know it's good! Dave is donating his cut to the Mike Aitken fund, so you can even feel good about making Russ cry.
    Price $170.95
    More Info Madera website