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Odyssey Hazard Rear Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Hazard Rear Rear Hub Hazard Rear

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“good for the price”

The Good: It really feels like a strong hub. The noise is ok, not freecoaster silent but also not like a zillion bees following you. Not the heaviest...

The Bad: ...but not the lightest! Mine is the V3 but it still came with the old cog and rings, but that's actually worked out good for me since I hate tiny gears.

Overall Review:

As I said, I hate tiny gears, the usual 25-9 is crap, to me it's either 11 or 12t, and it's a shame they don't make the 12t one-piece cog anymore! Anyway I still ride the 2-piece ring + cog, 12t, and it works great! It's only a few grams heavier than the 1 pc 9t cog (or maybe heavier than the 1pc 12t cog), but I couldn't care less! I would ride a 1pc cog just for peace of mine (It's stronger) but since there's no more one-piece 12t, 4 stars only hahaha!

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“okay hub could be better, long lasting”

The Good: Heavy weight compared to others last long as fuck but gets worse over time not the worst engagement 1 piece driver

The Bad: not the best quality bearings poor engagement wears out quicker than others but still holds together over time

Overall Review:

This is an amazing hub compared to how much it cost, I have the V1 and it has lasted me about 6 years ad only changed the bearings once (after a year of using it for dam jumping) if you care for it like i did you will have little problems and yes it doesn't have the best engagement and it isn't the lightest but don't be a silly weight hore.

If you have one of these hope it is doing you well

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The Good: iv had it for about 4 years now its been laced it to about 4 rims and its still going strong!

The Bad: i didnt like the original driver with the changeably cog thing, but i got another odyssey 1 piece driver witch is sick!

Overall Review: good price, lasts for ever (sort of want it brake so i can try something new iv ), looks good, all round good buy would recommend it to anyone!!

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“Odyssey hazard V3!!!”

The Good: I've had this hub for more than half of a year now and have had no problems. It is almost silent for me which is amazing and it is one sturdy piece.

The Bad: The bolts on mine were impossible to loosen for regular cleaning and new grease.

Overall Review: this is an amazing hub for the price but i got mine a tiny bit expensive ($200) and I got it in May and have had little or no problems. Also this beast rolls forever, i barely even have to pedal. That makes up for my wrecked front hub.It's also a really smooth ride, no bumps at all with the bearings, wish i could say that for my front.I would take this hub over any other hub anyday. Also has lifetime warranty.

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“It's decent for the money”

The Good: Strong, loud, rolls decently smooth.

The Bad: I've had this hub for almost a year now, and it started skipping, not very good engagement either.

Overall Review: It's a good hub for the price, but there are better hubs out there.

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“Long time friend.”

The Good: I ran my Hazard for at least 4 years without any problems at all. In that time I lived in coastal Japan where everything on my bike corroded like crazy, but my Hazard still rolls like new and never skips. The axle is still straight after a fair amount of street riding, this hub definitely gave me my money's worth.

The Bad: 14mm rear axle. My new frame is a Trailboss with 3/8 and I refuse to grind my dropouts.

Overall Review: Strong reliable hub. Parts are widely available and Odyssey has good product support, I would recommend a Hazard Hub if you want to run a 14mm rear.

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“Awesome Hub”

The Good: Looks and performance,I upgraded the driver to a one piece 10 tooth and it couldn't be better!

The Bad: Nothing really besides the odyssey sticker on it peeling off but no biggie lol

Overall Review: I love this hub and would recommend it to anyone!

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“Nice hub, but.....”

The Good: The looks and it never fails.

The Bad: My hub is waring really bad on the in side where the pawl grab. I have always kept it oiled. I am not sure what happened. And my driver spring keeps breaking, and the bearings as well. In one year I have had to replace the bearings and the spring twice.

Overall Review: The drive sucks on this hub. The hub is nice but wares out really quick. Maybe I just got a bad one? I am giving 3 stars because it has lasted a year.. I guess that is not bad.

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Miscellaneous INFO:
The original hub that spawned many look-a-likes. New features include angled flanges, heat-treated hollow 14mm axle with hex ends, improved chromoly hardware, new 7075 bearing spacer, new 7075 cog lockring with wrench flats, 4-bearings and 4 pawl drivers w/ 12t, 13t, 14t and 16t cogs . 36 or 48 hole. Available in LHD or RHD.

MSRP: $?
Featured color: red
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