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Odyssey Reloader Rear Rear Hub

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Odyssey Reloader Rear Rear Hub Reloader Rear

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    “Got it, broke it, fixed it now it works again haha”

    The Good: easy to work on for the most part, can fix it with childs toys and is really kinda crazy haha

    The Bad: well when i got it i didnt really know much about it because i hadnt really researched it because i was gonna go get an expensive wheel with a khe freecoaster laced to some gsport rim, but then i saw how cheap it was on albes and immediately bought it instead. biiig mistake because i was dumb. it worked really well for the first month or two and then it started not engaging and i mustve smashed my nuts and knees a billion times. so i took it apart and the springs were soo broken. haha so the bad, springs break, otherwise good.

    Overall Review:

    all the stuff i said above haha and then i mean i read on a bmx forum that you can take wind up toy springs and rebuild it using those. so i ripped apart a few wind up cars and found a few wide enough ones but they were still too thin so i decided to fold them a few times and then i bent them like this /_\ and the first few layers are what gave the clutch tension and made it able to engage and the next three or so gave it room to keep from breaking. so far it has worked great. i am happy it finally works really haha it makes me better at using a cassette. haha


    I STILL have this coaster, and I never had issues with it until I was retarded and tried to pull it apart to adjust slack on my own. ONLY THEN did I have problems. But I managed to fix it again, and it is wonderful. I don't understand how so many of you blew up the bearings, and mine are still going almost 4 years later...


    i HAD this, i always blew out the bearings and it always was fix gearing on me, i switched to the khe geisha light and was loving it for awhile and then i got tired of having studs, then got a stolen easy street and its the BEST


    I have been running this hub for about 2 years and its been ok. I had a hazard one before it and got this because I wanted to lose some weight and run a 36 rear. (The Hazard was only available in 48). I had fiddled with spacing on the hazard and got it to run perfect. Minimum slack and no fakie catch. Couldn't get it right with the reloader. Keep in mind the spacing is extremely fussy 0.1mm makes a difference. I tried a lot of different options but no luck. That said I dont think it is junk but you would be better waiting for a g sport one. If you cant wait, people in the USA or UK should look into Stolens new one which is the same as Tuf Neck,(Available in Australia), Rolla coaster. It has a totally different drive system and is alot lighter.


    I've owned/ridden both the khe reverse and this ody reloader... the ody is heavy as hell...the khe isn't that light either... they both engage extremely well but the ody doesn't have that much play when rolling fakie; even with taking spacers out. you would know if you really have ridden one for a long time. after about a month with the ody f/c i had to repleace all the bearings and the axle...by about 5 months riding it i spent more on replacing parts then actually buying it in the first place... so far after 3 months my khe has only blown out one bearing in the driver...and if that happens to you, you can juts take out that one broken bearing and run it...works fine...thats what im actually doing right now...but the drive side bearing wore out to...it still works after 3 months but its gonna need replacing soon... personally i think the khe is better then this ody reloader....once ody comes out with their new f/c...i think the ody will be better...


    what khe?
    u`re wrong boy
    i have a khe reverse and after 3 months of rideing the bearings inside of the driver ar fucked up and my axle 2....fuck off khe they suck
    i have a feeling that this ody freecoasters are better....


    I´ve ridden that freecoaster for a year and besides snapping an axle, it works great. If you want more slack, open it up and remove the small washer next to the top hat looking washer.

    Besides that it never engages incorrectly or anything. I just wish Odyssey would carry parts for it. Anyway, it´s discontinued so ODYSSEY please come out with a new hub soon!



    Shell Construction
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    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Hollow 14MM heat treated axle. Four bearings. 10t One piece driver/cog. Totally re-designed mechanism/Hardware. 48H and 36H.

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    Featured color: black
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