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Odyssey Vandero Front Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Vandero Front Rear Hub Vandero Front

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    “A decent female hub. (Odyssey Vandero V2 Hub)”

    The Good: The bolts seem pretty strong and I torqued them down pretty hard. Bearings are also the bigger sized ones so they're more durable in my guess. You can also run 2 hubguards on both sides of the hub.

    The Bad: Press-fit cones which you have to either jam a screwdriver in to get off or hammer out the whole axle. The press-fit cones also slow down the hub when you tighten them down.

    Overall Review:

    Hubs always vary. Press-fit cones are not always super tight. The first Vandero 2 hub I got that you could put some hand force to twist and pull the cone nut straight off of the axle. Axle bolts, axle, hub shell, and bearings are all durable and great for the price as I already mentioned. Right now, the Vandero V2 has been on sale on Danscomp for a couple months so it's super great deal for the price.

    “Vandero 2 front hub review”

    The Good: Everything

    The Bad: It isn't listed on the site for reviews.

    Overall Review: It's Odyssey,which is a synonym for " better than the other companies". Super strong but light female axle hub which rolls like a charm and won't let you down. Mine has been handed down to me from a rider who had it for a long time and put it through tons of abuse,and I've had it for about a year afterwards (I'm a street rider). It still rolls perfectly and I see no reason to switch it for anything else. Get it and be happy.

    “Good hub i would recomend it”

    The Good: it rides smooth still good strong light

    The Bad: when i first got this hub for some reason the bearings ended up breaking and my hub ended up trashed

    Overall Review: it might brake for some people but Odyssey will replace it some hubs just might have not been as good made as the others idk but it a good hub overall so far my new one is holding up pretty good oh yeah and im talking about the v2 not this one


    Shell Construction
    Bearing Quality/Type
    Drive Side
    Hole Count
    Miscellaneous INFO:
    3/8 heat treated axle. 2 bearing. 7075 shell. Takes Kink/Standard replacement axles. 10 oz. "less is more"- Mis Van Der Rohe

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
    Price N/A
    More Info Odyssey website