Profile BMX Mini Race Front Hub

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    “profile mini front hub review”

    The Good:

    i love this hub ive had mine for 3 years its old but that means it last and ive changed the bearings 1 time its really light and it rides smooth i love it

    The Bad:

    nothing at all just that ther a lot of money

    Overall Review:

    my over all review is that if you want a good front hub that will last you forever it seems like get this one if you have the money because its awsome

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    Vital BMX member 99bmx
    125638 99bmx,125638/all 12/17/15 2


    The Good:

    light, good looking, smooth, fairly strong, easy to remove collars

    The Bad:

    expensive, hub guard is expensive, does not come with hex bolts

    Overall Review:

    yeah..............................its good, i wish it came with hex bolt, but you can buy them separately

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    Vital BMX member BmxNinja101
    93012 BmxNinja101,93012/all 04/21/12 2 56 1053 11 20 1


    love this hub very strong i run pegs on this hub and its smooth as hell

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    Vital BMX member Flybikerida
    43555 Flybikerida,43555/all 04/28/09 8 24 331 2 4 1


    very fast and smooth hub. downsides are its ugly and the bolt ins undo themselves sometimes.


    Very smooth hub, I had one for 2 years and it held up great. Just got a new one built up, only reason I got a new one was so I could have a fresh new wheel to go with back wheel and new frame.

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    Vital BMX member UNTurndown
    264 UNTurndown,264/all 08/17/06 21 3,264/setup 3 24 2


    Product Profile BMX Mini Race Front Hub
    Riding Type
    Type Front
    Front Hub Shell Construction 2024 Aluminum
    Front Axle 3/8 chromo, 3/8 titanium, 14mm GDH Chromo
    Front Axle Construction
    Front Hub Spoke Count 28 or 36
    Front Hub Bearing Quality/Type Abec 4
    Rear Hub Shell Construction
    Drive Style
    Rear Hub Axle Size
    Rear Axle Construction
    Rear Hub Spoke Count
    Rear Hub Bearing Quality/Type
    Drive Side
    Driver Size
    Colors Black, Matte Black, Polished, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Aqua, White.
    Weight 0 lb 8.2 oz (231 g)
    Price $125.95
    More Info BUILD YOUR OWN HUB (BYOH) - NEW - choose any Chromo bolt option atNO EXTRA CHARGE!

    Profile Racing�s Mini front hub is designed to be light and strong.

    The Mini Front Hub features:

  • 43mm Low flange in 36 or 28 hole drilling

  • Oversized Aluminum Center Axle with 3/8 (10mm) CrMo bolts standard, 3/8 Ti bolt and 14mm hollow CrMo axle upgrade available

  • Colors (Gold, Green, Brown, Polished, Aqua, Purple, Black, White Powdercoat, Blue, Red, Orange)

  • Mini Front Hub Weights:
    3/8 CrMo Axle Bolts: 8.15oz / 232g
    3/8 Ti Axle Bolts: 7.4oz / 206g
    14mm Mini Front GDH CrMo Axle + Al Axle Nuts: 11.35oz / 323g