Profile Elite Rear Hub

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    Product Profile Elite Rear Hub
    Riding Type
    Type Rear
    Front Hub Shell Construction
    Front Axle
    Front Axle Construction
    Front Hub Spoke Count
    Front Hub Bearing Quality/Type
    Rear Hub Shell Construction 2024 Aluminum
    Drive Style
    Rear Hub Axle Size 3/8 chromo or 3/8 titanium
    Rear Axle Construction
    Rear Hub Spoke Count 28 or 36
    Rear Hub Bearing Quality/Type Abec 5
    Drive Side 9 or 10t chromo or titanium driver, or 12 through 18t cog on an Aluminum or Titanium carrier (driver)
    Driver Size 3 Abec 5 Bearings
    Colors Black, Polished, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Aqua, White, Green
    Weight 0 lb 15.6 oz (442 g)
    Price $359.95
    More Info BUILD YOUR OWN HUB (BYOH) - NEW - choose any Chromo bolt option atNO EXTRA CHARGE!

    We designed Profile Elite Cassette Hubs to be the best racing hubs available. They are also suitable for trails and light park use.

  • 6 pawl system designed for BMX Racing and MTB usage. Also suitable for BMX Trails and light park. Not intended for pegs or street riding.

  • 6 pawl driver for 204 points of engagement means instant forward motion at the first application of pedal pressure

  • Hub body matched anodized aluminum cone spacers with hardened CrMo knurls to bite into dropouts

  • Hub body matched anodized aluminum volcano bolt head covers

  • Standard 3/8 axle bolts come with anodized Volcano Bolt Head Covers. Optional 17mm Hex Head bolts with 8mm keyway available

  • CrMo or Ti 3/8 axles only

  • CrMo or Ti one-piece drivers

  • Aluminum or Titanium Cassette drivers for Profile Cogs

  • Standard CrMo Cogs, or upgrade to Aluminum or Elite CrMo Cogs

  • 6 colors: Red, Black, Blue, Polished, Gold , Green

  • NOT intended for use with pegs. NOT intended for heavy street riding.