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Profile Mini Rear Hub

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Profile Mini Rear Hub  MiniRearPolished

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    “profile mini”

    The Good: every thing, love the noise

    The Bad: slips sometimes, not to big of a deal just need new paws and springs mine are about 2 years old

    Overall Review: 2nd bes hub ever!!! elites are better

    “profile ss mini”

    The Good: runs perfect never failed on my amazing hub bast part on my bike

    The Bad: wish it had LHD and RHD to switch the paws other then that AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Overall Review: wouldnt buy any other hub cuz profile runs amazing

    “great hub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The Good: rides good no wobble and uses the same shell bearings as my front ti axle is strong and light. AMAZING ENGAUGEMENT! YES IVE HAD IT FOR MONTHS NOW!

    The Bad: if you use too much lube or too heavy itll skip and, if you dont use any at all it wear the pawls/ hub shell

    Overall Review: nice weight to durability ratio

    “nothing but good things to day”

    The Good: has amazing engagement ITS FUCKIN LOUD

    The Bad: my friends cant hear there own hubs haha

    Overall Review: ive had it for about 3 months and ITS LOUD AS FUCK and has amazing engagement it the only hubs i willl run for now on im about to get one for my blkmrtk

    “Good ass hubs Period.....”

    The Good: Many different colors to choose from. And I live close by to the main place where their made so its easy to find parts and things around the area from all the kids

    The Bad: I really don't have anything bad to say about it, but just don't get a ti driver with a shadow or a tight chain. It will get shredded

    Overall Review: Love them, I ride a gold front and back hub.For the 2 years I had them, I never had a problem.

    “ermm it's not too bad, its just mine isn't very good!”

    The Good: looks good

    The Bad: my paws and springs have gone silent, bearings have gone and 3 tooth of the driver have snapped off.

    Overall Review: looks good but them one i got wasn't very good could of been coz it had been throught couple of people befero me, everyone elses sound great and work great.


    Shell Construction 2024 Aluminum
    Axle 3/8 chromo, 3/8 titanium, 14mm GDH Chromo, or 14mm GDH titanium
    Bearing Quality/Type
    Driver chromo or titanium options
    Drive Side
    Hole Count 28 or 36
    Colors Black, Matte Black, Polished, White, Gold, Red, Blue, Aqua, Green, Purple.

    0 lb 12.8 oz (363 g)

    Price $212.95
    More Info

    BUILD YOUR OWN HUB (BYOH)- NEW - choose any Cromo bolt option atNO EXTRA CHARGE!

    • High/Low Flange Rear Hubshell
    • 36 or 28 Hole
    • 7075 T6 Aluminum hollow axle for dramatic weight savings
    • Hub weight: 368g grams with 9 tooth CrMo Driver

    • 4 pawl engagement mechanism
    • Your choice of cog size: 9, 10 or 11T CrMo cog/driver or 12 -18T cog with CrMo driver(no additional charge)
    • Titanium one piece driver (9t-11t) or 12-18t with Ti driver available as an upgrade.
    • Available in 110mm OLD spacing (standard BMX spacing) as well as 120mm OLD (for track bikes)

    Hub Weights: CrMo Axle Bolts with 9t CrMo Driver: 13.1oz / 372g
    CrMo Axle Bolts with 9t Ti Driver: 11.95oz / 339g
    Ti Axle Bolts with 9t CrMo Driver: 12.25oz / 348g
    Ti Axle Bolts with 9t Ti Driver: 11.1oz / 316g