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Redline Device Rear Rear Hub (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Good)
Redline Device Rear Rear Hub Device Rear

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    “half decent haha”

    The Good: Looks and feels smooth, really loud

    The Bad: the shit dont last, the driver stopped working

    Overall Review: Got this as a spare wheel worked for about 2 months


    The Good: its gets the job done for awhile

    The Bad: well lets start with its heavy and ugly the driver starts going to shit after a couple of months of hard riding and i know stuff doesnt last when you beat on stuff but this is pretty bad so about 7 months ago it started slipping pretty bad and every pedal my knee was in the stem,so itook it apart and the drivers teeth were all striped and inside the hub shell was striped and is very quit.

    Overall Review: its good for just riding and light street use

    “alright for some”

    The Good: you can fit a demo driver in it. which i did and it ran hella good.

    The Bad: once you take it apart its pretty much shot. and my iddle driver bearing blew out.

    Overall Review: its okay. i wont switch back. profile is the way to go. but it got me through some trails


    The Good: Tough enough for most street stuff. Simple to service.

    The Bad: Non ACB construction means play develops and can't be tightened to get rid of it.

    Overall Review: I have had this for 18 months, it came stock on my bike. Has worked really well, bloody noisy with the factory light oil in the driver but some grunty grease saw to that. Super simple to pull apart and service, not much in there to service anyway. Recently the bearings have developed play and can't be tightened to make it go away. My next hub will have angular bearings so if this happens at least I can deal with it. Overall pretty good for a cheap hub.


    This came stock on my bike; it's been "okay". I feel it miss a click now and again so it spooks me a little when I feel it pop. Other than that, it's been okay, nothing bad, nothing great just clicks its ass off (nice and loud) and seems to hold up okay. Axel is still strait (I'm a fat bastard and have crap for peg placement so I land hard). Think I'm going to shop for another type/brand in the near future though.


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