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Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette Rear Hub

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette Rear Hub 103-06287_TSC_RaptorCassetteHubs_Black
C70_103_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehubs_black C70_105_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehubs_white C70_114_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehubs_rawpolish C70_126_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehubs_purple C70_139_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehubs_crimsonred C70_109_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehub_permablue C70_148_06287_tsc_raptorcassettehub_copper C70_21675089 C70_21725024

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    “Goood hub man”

    The Good: You can smoke weed through it, it's rly loud and strong even though it has hollow axle

    The Bad: I don't grind but I would be scared to snap it if I did

    Overall Review:

    It's a good hub. If you are a pro it isn't the hub for you bc it may snap but if u are a average rider like me you should get it

    “A decent hub.”

    The Good: Driver, bearings, and hub shell. Hasn't skipped on me just yet. Has a clean sound without being degreased.

    The Bad: The axle is too hollow and it can bend easily, which I did by grinding. And both sides of the axle should be slotted, and the axle design should be like Joytech hubs so you can remove the whole axle without having to bang out the bearings.

    Overall Review:

    A good hub for the price. It varies, some people get a defective hub, others don't. I'm missing a non drive side lock nut so I can't tighten down the cone nuts super hard or the hub will slow down. Overall, all I could possibly dislike on this is the axle and axle design, it's just too hollow and hard to maintain.

    “Pretty good.”

    The Good: -It's overly loud for all of you trendy people -Strong -Looks sick -Spins forever -Easy maintenance

    The Bad: -Skips quite a bit on me -Axle is scarily hollow

    Overall Review:

    It's not a bad hub really, it's just not the best. It's strong and the hub guard for it is great, it just has some negative to it. The axle kind of scares me how hollow it is, it's only like 1/2 metal, 1/2 air. It does roll forever and people can definitely tell when you're coming though.

    “snapped within 2 months”

    The Good: it was loud whilst it lasted

    The Bad: the axle snapped on me whilst i was doing a feeble?

    Overall Review:

    i would avoid getting this hub if you run pegs. i had mine for 2 months and the axle snapped on the non-driver side, i don't to put down shadow but i was really dissapointed

    “best cassette?”

    The Good: lasts forever, doesnt skip alot, looks good, loud, solid

    The Bad: axle seems too hollow even though its tough as fuck

    Overall Review:

    this hub is amazing get it now, hasent realy skipped too much on me lately

    “great hub!”

    The Good: Lasts long, solid, doesn't skip

    The Bad: I've had no problems with mine at all

    Overall Review: Has never skipped or anything, it's one of the oldest parts on my bike. Take care of it and it should last you a really long time.

    “awesome hub”

    The Good: Very loud, strong, stays straight.

    The Bad: sometimes hear a weird sound.

    Overall Review: get this hub. its not very much money and well worth it.

    “ok hub i guess”

    The Good: looks amazing in highlighter blue spins forever and it insanely loud if you care about sound

    The Bad: skips on me quite a bit but usually ingauges back again

    Overall Review: i would sugest getting one if all u care about is loudness but i wont be getting another one anytime soon.. all i run is shadow fit and odyssey and this is the first shadow part to let me down

    “awsome loud hub”

    The Good: strong ass hub

    The Bad: i have heard people snap the axle but it is probably there own fault because they dnt maintaine it or there was a default in the axle

    Overall Review: awsome go get one!!!!

    “SUPER RAD!”

    The Good: bought mine off a friend after he rode it for a while and its still ticking. *pun intended*

    The Bad: the awkward slackish in fakies at times.

    Overall Review: i slipped new shell bearings in and a new driver and this thing is a monster!!


    Shell Construction 6061 hub body
    Axle 14mm nickel-chromoly axle, accepts 8mm hex head
    Bearing Quality/Type 5 sealed bearings
    Driver 4 pawl driver with individual leaf springs
    Drive Side left or right hand drive
    Hole Count 36h or 48h
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Raw Polish, Perma Blue, Copper

    1 lb 0.8 oz (476 g)

    Price N/A
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