Alienation 7up Rim (discontinued)

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Alienation 7up Rim Neon
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    “bombproof rims”

    The Good:

    better than hazards in my perspective. had the rims for about 6 months now and they are amazing! stay tight and never bend. the last rim i will ever buy

    The Bad:

    nothing is bad

    Overall Review:

    amazing rim for a amazing price

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    Vital BMX member brandenridesbikes
    89344 brandenridesbikes,89344/all 01/10/12 2 7 2

    “hardcore rims!”

    The Good:

    they are really easy to lace on your wheels and they are really hard to bend or mutilate

    The Bad:

    the only bad thing is the colors but i got it in purple

    Overall Review:

    pretty sure that this will be the last rim youll ever buy!

    Rate review: +1 Up Down
    Vital BMX member icarus13
    37904 icarus13,37904/all 12/27/08 7 2 6

    “alienation 7up ro=im =)”

    The Good:

    the rim is noticable at the skat park

    The Bad:

    the rim is hard to lose on a night if your being chased =)

    Overall Review:

    this rim is pretty good as it's easy to fit on and it's easy to seee perfect for the green and black stolen


    The Good:

    comes in sick colours, and the same strength you find in alienation rims

    The Bad:

    colours might not match your bike, not much different than other alienation rims

    Overall Review:

    Colourful, strong, by all means, a good overall rim.

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    Vital BMX member WhiteKid
    62613 WhiteKid,62613/all 06/06/10 1 4 9 2 2


    Product Alienation 7up Rim
    Materials 7003E T6 (15% stronger than 6061 T6)
    Walls Double
    Joint Welded
    Holes 540g
    Width 406 (20”)
    Colors Lavender, Mint, Neon, Purple and Robins Egg


    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website