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Alienation Black Sheep Rim

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Alienation Black Sheep Rim BKSPblk

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    “A great budget rim.”

    The Good: Price, material, big variety of colors.

    The Bad: Pretty much nothing. The pin seam goes accordingly with the price so it's no problem.

    Overall Review:

    This rim will definitely last from beginner to intermediate, possibly even pro if you're a consistent rider.

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    “On the fence”

    The Good: First rim I have ridden.

    The Bad: I have been learning 180's and noticed that my rim is getting out of true. I have had this rim for 7 months and have taking the rim in twice to be fixed.

    Overall Review: can not base a decent overall because I have not ridden any other rim. The Alienation Black Sheep rim is good enough to start out with but willing to upgrade to a stronger rim.

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    “Alienation Black Sheep”

    The Good: Its strong and light weight

    The Bad: There's nothing really bad about it, best rim I've ever rode !

    Overall Review: I've been riding this hoop for a 2 years and so far only one spoke pulled through the hoop, I'd recommend buying this rim cause it can take the beating

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    “Piece of shit”

    The Good: its only good for beginners and people who dont do tricks

    The Bad: Freakin bent on me. it bent really bad just out of a normal 180.

    Overall Review: Do not buy this. it will last you about 5 months and than it will bend on you.

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    “The best rim”

    The Good: Very strong

    The Bad: Colour comes off easy if you use brakes

    Overall Review: Pretty good rims they are strong and looking good but if you use brakes the colour will come out fast

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    Materials 6061 T6
    Walls Double
    Joint Pinned
    Holes 36
    Diameter 355(18") / 406(20") / 507(24") / 559(26") / *call for 305(16")
    Colors Black

    0 lb 15.2 oz (430 g)

    Miscellaneous 355(18") - 335g / 406(20") - 430g / 507(24") - 510g / 559(26") - 615g
    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website