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Alienation Black Sheep Rim

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Alienation Black Sheep Rim BKSPblk

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    “came stock on my bike”

    The Good: ran them for about 21/2 years and did really well but the paint does chip easy

    The Bad: nothing i guess these rims can take beating

    Overall Review: great rim and super strong

    “alright i suppose”

    The Good: strong, light, low profile

    The Bad: paint comes off, i have a hole in mine ... and it fades

    Overall Review: i probs get one again if it was black not red

    “stock on kink 2011 liberty”

    The Good: -light wheel -looks really effin cute -so far held up nicely

    The Bad: -20 minutes ago i landed kinda wierd like i flipped over the bars and now it seems to make a kind of thud feeling when i cruise. could be the tires tho...f kontact tires >.> -pinned seam :\

    Overall Review: rly great rim. nice and light. but the pinned seam kinda makes me scared a bit :\ i think its caving in?

    “amazing deal”

    The Good: Extremely light for the price Extremely strong for the price Extremely sharp looking colors when up close

    The Bad: Pinned seam Painted sidewalls.

    Overall Review: I am a rough rider, I case everything and throw my bike a lot. I have rode this rim on the rear for about 4 months now and it is as straight as the day I bought it. I'm not saying this is a maint. Free rim. Like I said I am a hard rider, before I ride every time, I double check the spoke tension. That should be donewith every wheel though. Also I sanded the sidewalls down to where there was no powder coating on it so that my brakes bite harder.. for the price you can't beat it just do the normal maint. I swear by the rim.

    “Really Good Rim!”

    The Good: -Strong if it is laced properly -Relatively light rim -Good colours Available -One of the best rims that I have had -Even stock wheels are decent with this rim -It's cheap I have the chrome on on the back and I have had it over a year now and the chrome has not started to flake or anything like that.

    The Bad: Nothing comes to mind

    Overall Review: It's cheap and decent What more do you want!?


    Materials 6061 T6
    Walls Double
    Joint Pinned
    Holes 36
    Diameter 355(18") / 406(20") / 507(24") / 559(26") / *call for 305(16")
    Colors Black

    0 lb 15.2 oz (430 g)

    Miscellaneous 355(18") - 335g / 406(20") - 430g / 507(24") - 510g / 559(26") - 615g
    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website