Alienation Black Sheep Rim

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Alienation Black Sheep Rim BKSPblk
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    “good rim to start”

    The Good:

    i ride one, an have had two others, mines in a fc, but its strond as hell,love it

    The Bad:

    color wears off, fast

    Overall Review:

    good rims, just dont case a lot of shit wit it, i recomend the blue

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    Vital BMX member pro343609
    59630 pro343609,59630/all 04/02/10 1 3 5 1,59630/setup 2 22 1 4 1

    “good rim to start with”

    The Good:

    decently strong good starter rim for the price kinda light

    The Bad:

    anodization rubs off really fast if you use brakes

    Overall Review:

    its a decent rim to start off with or if your hard on cash. its kinda strong/light and an excellent deal for the money. mines now an oval though over just one case.

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    Vital BMX member hoffmanbikes94
    53713 hoffmanbikes94,53713/all 11/14/09 4,53713/setup 12 108 9 2 6


    I got these rims stock with my fit, they've been rode hard and have been put threw some shit. i no longer have the fit frame anymore but the rims are still strong and im still riding them, they have new hubs and spokes and ill ride them till there completly gone. for a cheep price they are well worth it

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    Vital BMX member bmxstreetking69
    15654 bmxstreetking69,15654/all 02/11/08 2 1 1


    alienation black sheep rim. reasonably priced and strong design. lightweight and durable too. this double walled rim goes through a beating of any kind. my friend had it on his premium duo for 3 years and it does not wiggle one bit. that's what convinced me to buy it, also because danscomp sells it as a conversion kit with a 25T premium street sprocket. priced at about $200 for a complete rim. this rim is a great buy for the money. this rim is better than alienation PBR (plain black rims) because the spokes sit between the walls reducing the risk of puncture flats from the spokes. great buy...cant wait to get mine in chrome!

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    Vital BMX member ridebmxbikes
    47603 ridebmxbikes,47603/all 07/15/09 16 43 1


    all you people who are bitchin about it seem to have built the wheels yourself have you maybe thought you didnt do it right or with shitty spokes??

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    Vital BMX member 94mongoose
    13052 94mongoose,13052/all 12/19/07 15 6 7 97 5


    i have these on my dk kvant they are sick!

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    Vital BMX member dk bikes1
    40576 dk bikes1,40576/all 02/23/09 3 45 10 4 3 52 9


    i have these rims on my redline 5.1 their good.....YEAH!!!!! i like cake .lol

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    Vital BMX member george6
    38278 george6,38278/all 01/05/09 13,38278/setup 35 4


    awesome front rim

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    Vital BMX member ~bmx-4-life~
    42274 ~bmx-4-life~,42274/all 03/31/09 10 1


    R.I.D.E- lol sexual

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    Vital BMX member aznsbmx?
    33022 aznsbmx?,33022/all 10/21/08 27 63 4350 217 8


    good front rim i got it in red its got a real good colour on all the colours there light strong and sexual i recomend them to anyone

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    Vital BMX member R.I.D.E
    36580 R.I.D.E,36580/all 11/27/08 2 11 8


    Product Alienation Black Sheep Rim
    Riding Type
    Wheel Size
    Materials 6061 T6
    Walls Double
    Joint Pinned
    Holes 36
    Diameter 355(18") / 406(20") / 507(24") / 559(26") / *call for 305(16")
    Colors Black
    Weight 0 lb 15.2 oz (430 g)
    Miscellaneous 355(18") - 335g / 406(20") - 430g / 507(24") - 510g / 559(26") - 615g
    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website