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Alienation Deviant Rim

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Alienation Deviant Rim DEVblk

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    “An okay rim.”

    The Good: The gloss black color, stickers, and aero design make it look cool.

    The Bad: If you suck at lacing wheels, the spokes will continuously keep on coming loose and untrue your wheel.

    Overall Review:

    It's an okay rim but you could buy better.

    “Best front rim ever!!”

    The Good: Everything the colors, super strong, nice aero design

    The Bad: I Have nothing bad to say about it.

    Overall Review:

    Great front rim i use it for park, i go to the bike park everyday and has never came untrued never bent its super strong!

    “Best Front Rim”

    The Good: Lightweight Sleek Design Nice Anodized Look Aero Design is refined well Walls are decent thickness Sweet sticker graphic, chick with a gun Best for park rats!

    The Bad: If you're shit at building wheels, it will probably come un-true every couple of rides... If you build stiff laces and make a good wheel build, shouldn't have a problem.

    Overall Review:

    Really good rim for park rats (like me), always bring a spoke tool with you just to fix tiny un-truements. usually doesn't come untrue for me cause im really good at stiff wheel builds!
    Don't use for street!

    “Great front rim.”

    The Good: Lightweight for all you weight whores, sleek design was my reason for purchasing it.

    The Bad: The short sides still sketch me out but they hold the tire bead perfectly.

    Overall Review: If you want something that feels good this is a great option. The rim looks super sleek and flows from the tire. Outside of that it is lightweight and proves to be strong still, just make sure to get your rim trued when it is needed instead of complaining about buckling a rim! lol

    “good front rim”

    The Good: very lightweight strong enough for a front....it will take a good amount of time to bend if on front.. cool shape and look nice colors cheap price

    The Bad: pinned seam..so do not use for back

    Overall Review:

    it is good for the front..mine might be a little bent..but i beat on my bike really hard..not onpurpose...  i just crash from high up...

    would not recommend for a back rim

    “It is as good as people say it is”

    The Good: SOOOO light, strong, looks good, inexpensive as far as wheels go

    The Bad: The anodizing faded almost completely after maybe a month of riding.

    Overall Review: I'd recommend it to anyone. It holds up great. Harry main I think it is, (dont hold me to it) rides this front rim so that really says something..

    “not as good as people say it is”

    The Good: light, cheap

    The Bad: weak, doesnt hold up

    Overall Review: if you are tough on your rims, dont get this. i rode it for about a month, and i 180d a 6 stair and landed wierd and the rim is so untrue that i wont be able to get it trued


    The Good: Everything, LIGHT, Hold up great, and easy to get back straight even with stretched out spokes!

    The Bad: Nothing at all!

    Overall Review: Best rim ive run on front, have never had a problem, and Its Cheap !!

    “comment below.. WTF?”

    The Good: idk wtf the guy below is even talking about, but this is a good rim for the front

    The Bad: comes out of true a lot, even after the spokes stretched it would always hop even after I trued it, oh and the seam is only pinned, not welded.

    Overall Review: I've 360ed off of a good amount of really high (over bar) ledges with this rim in the front and it's held up nicely, maybe for a more technical street riding or park it'd be better for. only got rid of it to get matching gsport rims so no complaints.


    Materials 6061 T6
    Walls Double
    Joint Sleeved
    Holes 28 / 32 / 36
    Diameter 406 (20”), 507 (24”)
    Colors Black, Blue, Polished, Red, Gold

    0 lb 10.8 oz (305 g)

    Miscellaneous 507(24") - 415g
    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website