Alienation Runaway Rim

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Alienation Runaway Rim RUNblk
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    “Light but not enough strong”

    The Good:

    Pretty light

    The Bad:

    Nightmare to true it

    Overall Review:

    A constant headache. Got it as OEM on a 2014 Staats Bloodline Pro Cruiser. I have to true it almost after every single race. The crosslaced pattern make truing it a real nightmare.

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    Vital BMX member peru4130
    120172 peru4130,120172/all 07/22/15,120172/setup 1

    “how does anodize hold up?”

    The Good:

    Cross lacing

    The Bad:

    I dont have then yet

    Overall Review:

    how is the anodize for brakes with clear pads?

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    Vital BMX member cultony
    85576 cultony /images/default/avatar/c50.png,85576/all 10/03/11 3,85576/setup 15 37 3 2 2


    i use the runway as a rear wheel i got it in red its actually gettin laced to a new hub but ive ran it for maybe a year. this rim was part my first real aftermarket rim set i have got and im still running it and my alinnation deviant in the front too. it pretty durable havent had anything to bitch about with it yet.

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    Vital BMX member BOOSTINit11
    53465 BOOSTINit11,53465/all 11/10/09 1 5 2


    these rims are alright... not the strongest in my opinion, I have one in the rear, and now getting 7KA's. I wouldn't rank them so low but good for the value, if you don't ride too hard and ride smooth, these are great rims, but if you grind/bail a lot, there are better rims. The cross-lacing is awesome, it makes this rim worth every cent, Super light and has great machined sidewalls for braking. Also the choices of colors is quite nice, (Is this the only rim available with dual color?, just wondering.) 8.5/10; not the best but great.

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    Vital BMX member powwying
    50303 powwying,50303/all 09/05/09 3 10,50303/setup 8 6


    got this on race bike in blue, strong, light and looks cool

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    Vital BMX member james_cobra
    23878 james_cobra,23878/all 07/11/08 2 3 6 7 1 4 3


    I have these on my race bike and there the best rims Ive bought, getting another set for my sons bike also and some of my riders are getting them.

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    Vital BMX member wrench
    273 wrench,273/all 08/17/06 1 47 14 2,273/setup 4 5 1 35 3 1


    Product Alienation Runaway Rim
    Materials 6061 T6
    Walls Double
    Joint Welded
    Holes 32, 36
    Diameter 406 (20”), 507 (24”)
    Colors Black, Blue, Polished, Red, Gold

    20": 0 lb 15 oz (425 g)

    24": 1 lb 2.3 oz (520 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website