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Demolition Zero Rim

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“demolition zero rim (bad ass rim)”

The Good: I had this rim before the odyssey hazard rim this is a great budget Rim for the price I decide to go back to the demolition zero after I broke my odyssey hazards. don't get me wrong the odyssey hazard is a real good rim but the demolition zero is the best rim if you're on a budget

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall Review:

if you're on a budget looking for a rim that is just as strong as odyssey hazard rim this is the rim for u. it comes in multiple colors i strongly recommend you running this rim front and back I have them in Chrome lace to profile ss mini hubs in chrome.

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“Sick ass rim!”

The Good: I love everything about this. Very strong! Cool design, cool colors, takes a beating like no other.

The Bad: Nothing I can think of at all.

Overall Review:

Ive had this for about half a year and this thing is going very strong. I ride this hard because im a hard rider. Only trued it once because like any other rim after you get it, ride it for a few weeks then tru it. I love this. Id be gladly to take a second one for the front!

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“demolition zero review”

The Good: light,looks pretty sturdy, lush color

The Bad: bit of a deep ridge in the second wall which caused a bit of concern but apparently will not damage the overall strength

Overall Review:

great look, great feel, greatstrength.. great rim doesn't buckle easily

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“Got it up front”

The Good: double wall welded seam nice colors nothing fancy or complicated just a straight up good rim

The Bad: Nothing yet

Overall Review:

Ran one up back for a while got sick of it and sold it off. only complaint is that the black chrome flakes really easily. I still have on in the front and its holding up really well only had to true my wheel once in the 4 months i have had it. Overall im incredibly happy with this rim its really strong and reliable.

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“super good rim”

The Good: Everything

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall Review: I rode one for nearly 3 years in the rear that outlived 2 different hubs, excellent strength to weight ratio, chrome never once flaked off for me in the black-chrome, sick color btw. got a black one from a friend but only rode it for a few months until I decided to get matching Gsports. I'd recommend this rim to anyone.

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“Plenty said already... they rock”

The Good: Strong as hell, light as hell

The Bad: ??? Some people don't like the colors...

Overall Review: Light as sin, these things get your rotational weight down so low and they can take some monster landings and hits... there's a reason they're still around after all this time. Get them if you're looking at them.

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Great rim. been running these for about a month, they can realy take a beating. i hang up alot from fairly high, and land pretty hard on the coaping, and i havent got a flat spot yet. Not as light as proper rims, but thats due to the paint, and im now a weight freak, so the extra grams dont bother me. Realy cheap at like £45. Definitely worth buying, you wont regret it.

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Materials 6000 Series Al.
Walls Double walled w/ 2 vertical ribs
Joint Welded
Holes 36h
Width 32mm
Height 18.7mm
Diameter 406mm
Colors White, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Chrome and Black

1 lb 1.5 oz (496 g)

Price N/A
More Info Demolition website