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Demolition Zero Rim

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    “2nd favorite part on my bike”

    The Good: Solid, won't bend, strong, did I say it was solid

    The Bad: Never ever no

    Overall Review:

    This rim is the best rim in my opinion, it will last, super strong, very solid, and good for the heavy riders, and the skinny ones. go buy these rims

    “demolition zero rim (bad ass rim)”

    The Good: I had this rim before the odyssey hazard rim this is a great budget Rim for the price I decide to go back to the demolition zero after I broke my odyssey hazards. don't get me wrong the odyssey hazard is a real good rim but the demolition zero is the best rim if you're on a budget

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    if you're on a budget looking for a rim that is just as strong as odyssey hazard rim this is the rim for u. it comes in multiple colors i strongly recommend you running this rim front and back I have them in Chrome lace to profile ss mini hubs in chrome.

    “Sick ass rim!”

    The Good: I love everything about this. Very strong! Cool design, cool colors, takes a beating like no other.

    The Bad: Nothing I can think of at all.

    Overall Review:

    Ive had this for about half a year and this thing is going very strong. I ride this hard because im a hard rider. Only trued it once because like any other rim after you get it, ride it for a few weeks then tru it. I love this. Id be gladly to take a second one for the front!

    “demolition zero review”

    The Good: light,looks pretty sturdy, lush color

    The Bad: bit of a deep ridge in the second wall which caused a bit of concern but apparently will not damage the overall strength

    Overall Review:

    great look, great feel, greatstrength.. great rim doesn't buckle easily

    “Got it up front”

    The Good: double wall welded seam nice colors nothing fancy or complicated just a straight up good rim

    The Bad: Nothing yet

    Overall Review:

    Ran one up back for a while got sick of it and sold it off. only complaint is that the black chrome flakes really easily. I still have on in the front and its holding up really well only had to true my wheel once in the 4 months i have had it. Overall im incredibly happy with this rim its really strong and reliable.

    “super good rim”

    The Good: Everything

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review: I rode one for nearly 3 years in the rear that outlived 2 different hubs, excellent strength to weight ratio, chrome never once flaked off for me in the black-chrome, sick color btw. got a black one from a friend but only rode it for a few months until I decided to get matching Gsports. I'd recommend this rim to anyone.

    “Plenty said already... they rock”

    The Good: Strong as hell, light as hell

    The Bad: ??? Some people don't like the colors...

    Overall Review: Light as sin, these things get your rotational weight down so low and they can take some monster landings and hits... there's a reason they're still around after all this time. Get them if you're looking at them.


    Materials 6000 Series Al.
    Walls Double walled w/ 2 vertical ribs
    Joint Welded
    Holes 36h
    Width 32mm
    Height 18.7mm
    Diameter 406mm
    Colors White, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Chrome and Black

    1 lb 1.5 oz (496 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website