Nitrous Ring Rim

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Nitrous Ring Rim Rim Nitrous Ring Grouped LoRes
C70_rim_nitrous_ring_grouped_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_purple_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_purple_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_flatinum_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_flatinum_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_blue_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_blue_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_black_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_black_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_gold_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_gold_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_red_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_red_side_view_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_hot_blue_lores C70_rim_nitrous_ring_hot_blue_side_view_lores
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    “just because its cheap doesnt mean bad quility”

    The Good:

    it really cheap and can take the abuse of any other higher end rim on the market / it comes in a variety of colors and light wieght for all the wieght watchers(not this guy)

    The Bad:

    its made by nitrous witch is a off brand of eastern and unfornatually this rim is bad to most people who dont even ride it because its made by nitrous and this rim is amazing

    Overall Review:

    really if i had a choise of any to rims on the market it would be the demolition zero and the nitrous ring rim

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    Vital BMX member rumours
    84277 rumours,84277/all 08/31/11 1 17,84277/setup 3 7 4 26 2

    “Don't get them!”

    The Good:


    The Bad:

    They are pinned, not wielded.. They are Nitrous

    Overall Review:

    I wouldnt trust them..

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    Vital BMX member Scorchoo7
    75056 Scorchoo7,75056/all 02/01/11,75056/setup 2 2 1

    “should i get them”

    The Good:

    colours weight

    The Bad:

    seam bad cos of price

    Overall Review:

    are they good rims or not

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    Vital BMX member Morgangio_Fraserio
    90655 Morgangio_Fraserio,90655/all 02/17/12 1 2

    “Sick Rims.”

    The Good:

    Strong And Light

    The Bad:

    nothing, theyre sick

    Overall Review:

    these rims are amazing, Recommend to anyone

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    Vital BMX member Specks
    75380 Specks,75380/all 02/09/11 3


    Materials 6061 Alloy
    Walls Double Wall
    Joint Pinned Joint for Strength & Economics
    Holes 36H
    Width 30mm
    Height 16mm
    Diameter 395mm
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Flatinum, Matte Gold, Matte Purple, Matte Blue, Matte Hot Blue

    0 lb 15.9 oz (451 g)

    Miscellaneous Used On Our Proven Nitrous Wheels
    Price N/A
    More Info Nitrous website

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