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Odyssey Seven KA Rim

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Odyssey Seven KA Rim Seven KA

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    “best friend forever”

    The Good: hold up forever

    The Bad: twice the price of other rims

    Overall Review: if you want rims once in ten years, here you go... i bought mine preowned, they are quite some years old and make me wonder what kind of abuse rims can take these days... can't believe they' re still running quite straight!

    “Odyssey 7-ka”

    The Good: Strong, Attractive, Reliable

    The Bad: Pretty Expensive

    Overall Review: I got this laced to a vandero 2 front, and a hazard V3 in the rear. Both are super true to this day. Looks great in black. Best rim ever if you can afford it at 85$

    “7 KA Rim is RAD”

    The Good: strong efficient good product

    The Bad: lite enough to tweak if you are not too smooth, but nothing a little true can't handle

    Overall Review: A strong lite rim setup. I have em on both front and back... and they are shiny and hold up against anything I can dish out.


    The Good: it might be a slightly different rim im thinkin of butt fairly sure the odyssey hazzard light rim is triple-walled not double because i have this rim and in crucial bmx it says triple - walled

    The Bad: the best rim iever seen but dont get chrome it flakes off anodised black for the win

    Overall Review: awesome

    “Awsome rims”

    The Good: Impossible to bend or crack if u get a nice welded one best lightest most reliable rim out thier

    The Bad: chrome flakes off if u dont take care of it so blacks the way to go

    Overall Review: Awsome really reliable n its made by odyssey so its gotta me good


    I have this on me back laced to a demolition anorexia. Best whelle ive ever ridden. Light Ive cased on coping pretty hard and not even a dent yet! Plus seeing danny hickerson(runnin 2 7k's) jump as far as he could to flat off of a spine to see if his parts would hold up proved that these can take a beating, infact odyssey parts in general are tough. He went about 15 feet and 8 feet high and landed sideways! ! This rim is awsome 10/10.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Re-Designed 7000 series aluminum rim. 453 grams. Double walled with additional re-inforcement. 34mm wide. 17mm height. 36 or 48 hole. Hard Anodized Black or chrome.

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
    Price N/A
    More Info Odyssey website