Stolen Revolver Rims Rim

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Stolen Revolver Rims Rim 2010STLNrevolverrimgroup
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    “A good budget rim.”

    The Good: Colors, offset spoke holes, material.

    The Bad: Pin-seamed and not a very good double-wall construction.

    Overall Review:

    There's only 2 pins for the seam and I've rode many of these rims. Some are defective or a bit off I guess cause the seam has a teeny gap in between and that's pretty bad, especially for hard riders. The material of 6001 aluminum is pretty good, but the double-wall construction isn't that great, it's almost like single and a half wall.


    The Good: Cheap and Light

    The Bad: Wide Spoke holes makes the spokes pop out so its way harder to put on the tire, and risks popping the tire too. Scratches really easy, you can scrape the paint off with your finger nails

    Overall Review:

    Dont Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “not horrible”

    The Good: they are nice if you keep them trued up.

    The Bad: if they are un trued or the spokes arnt tight, they will get destroyed

    Overall Review: im riding them for now until they fall apart completely. i wouldnt recommend them at all

    “pretty nice”

    The Good: Light strong cheap

    The Bad: not good for super hard riders

    Overall Review: ide get these, they're better than single walls. But if you ride hard on the streets then dont get them

    “Think before you buy.”

    The Good: The price and looks

    The Bad: I wouldn't recommend it for anyone besides very smooth park riders,and maybe trails riders. Ideal for smaller riders (90-120 lbs). NOT for street riders,regardless of how smooth you are. It's a soft rim,and the spokes pull through it very easily.

    Overall Review: Yes it's cheap and looks great, but consider your weight,discipline and riding abilities before you buy it. If you ride street, I don't think it would be a wise purchase.

    “not that great..”

    The Good: cheap, light that's it

    The Bad: after 1 year i had to replace my rear rim and i'm about to change my front rim.

    Overall Review: ok... i have runned low air pressure on these rims and i just started riding back then, but still... i look at my rear rim and the weld just started to crack.. it splitted up at the top, good thing i replaced them at time. buckled them after a few hang ups. i currently ride a cinema 777 and it is really great, same hang ups, same sideways landing, only higher air pressure and it's still holding up great!

    “amazing rims”

    The Good: really strong, light, clean, wide spoke holes what can go wrong

    The Bad: paint rubs off with brakes but if your like me and run brakeless and only run brakes like once a year and use clear pads

    Overall Review: amazing rims i really recommend them to anyone
    Overall Review: amazing rims i really recommend them to anyone


    Materials 6061 T6 Aluminum
    Walls Double
    Joint Double Pinned
    Holes 36
    Width 34.1mm
    Height 13.25mm Sidewall Height
    Diameter 394 ERD
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Electric Blue or Matte Electric Red
    Miscellaneous 14.8oz - This double wall design is ultra light and super strong. Offset spoke pattern for a stronger build. Extruded from 6061 Aluminum.
    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website