SNAFU Cerrito 31.8 Seatpost Clamp

SNAFU Cerrito 31.8 Seatpost Clamp SNAFU_Cerrito_SeatPostClamp_318_Group
C70_snafu_cerrito_seatpostclamp_318_group C70_snafu_cerrito_seatpostclamp_318_blk C70_snafu_cerrito_seatpostclamp_318_polish C70_snafu_cerrito_seatpostclamp_318_prpl C70_snafu_cerrito_seatpostclamp_318_red
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    Product SNAFU Cerrito 31.8 Seatpost Clamp
    Riding Type
    Type Clamp
    Material Ally
    Size 31.8mm
    Colors Black, Red, Purple, Silver
    Weight N/A
    Price N/A
    Miscellaneous 31.8mm ID Forged and machined alloy construction. Replaceable Allen bolt and stainless steel thread insert.
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