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Shadow Conspiracy Alfred Clamp Seatpost Clamp

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Shadow Conspiracy Alfred Clamp Seatpost Clamp s1600_133871810_1276034093

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    “this piece of shat”

    The Good: makes an awesome paper weight

    The Bad: hmmmm let me see here. CRACKED IT! SHITTY. TYPICAL SHADOW SHIT. Get odyssey or animal.

    Overall Review: Ya i would NOT reccomend getting it.Your better off taping your seat or using a zip tie or nothing and save your $10 for some McDonalds Bitches!!!!


    Size 1 1/8"
    Colors black, white, red, electric lime, purple, flat grey, green, baby blue, brown, october orange, highlighter blue, olive

    0 lb 0.7 oz (20 g)

    Price N/A
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