DK Goal Post Seatpost

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DK Goal Post Seatpost Goal Post
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    It is silly to run anything besides pivotal unless you like lugging around tons of extra weight. No matter what they try to do with it, conventional is over. It's done. Pivotal has replaced conventional and it's a waste of metal to keep making this crap. Too heavy, too weak, too high maintenance, too old.


    i had this post in green, replaced it with a pivotal setup which ways 1 oz heavier than this post on it own

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    Vital BMX member joethehoe
    19388 joethehoe,19388/all 05/05/08 18 9 1,19388/setup 33 1 11


    THe seatpost is great, i love it

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    Vital BMX member Mr. Mojo Rising
    5941 Mr. Mojo Rising,5941/all 04/09/07 46 6,5941/setup 11 17 29 1 26


    On this post I only have two complants. It's extremly hard to get your seat installed and the guts bend way to easy. The flaw on the guts is obvious, They are machined out right where the pressure from the seat rails is. Landing on it once I bent the top piece and broke the bottoms. I managed to get another pair and bent them while tightening my seat down. So I used oddysey intact guts and the post works fine.

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    Vital BMX member myke jones
    1250 myke jones,1250/all 11/07/06 9 6,1250/setup 2 7 26 8 4


    Product DK Goal Post Seatpost
    Riding Type
    Material Lightweight Forged Aluminum
    Diameter 25.4mm
    Length 250mm
    Colors Green, Orange, Brown, Polished
    Weight 0 lb 11 oz (312 g)
    Price $12.99
    More Info DK website